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Old but classic

only one word.. wow!!!!
amazing the best sharper i have ever seen one steem(it)


how are you today?

a pencil of extraordinary size

If you are saying it, i can believe on it,

So cool ☺

Can sharp my cold hearted ex gf claws on there

Woaw.... This really big, I'm sure the pencils would be mighty too

Ah! The old ass, how big is the pencil?😁

It is GIANT.


Thats what she said

hello!, please vote for me

This must have cost a fortune during the good old days bernie ✌

Who cares how old providing you still got lead in your pencil ;-)

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..and I have plenty of lead lol :-)

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Neeto burrito

ohh Man! I remember using this hole shii. Twas such a treasured item back then.

Been a while since I last saw one of those. Had nightmares as a kid about my fingers getting caught in them.

Have a good one Bern.


On a scale of 6-9 how dope is your shit?

I just remember using these and trying to get our pencils as short as possible. Absolutely horrible to write with, but I guess we were young and dumb

Wow.Thats shappner also old

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@geekgirl :O are you all right miss? it is not steemhunt post i think :O


Well, I approved it. Now it has to be.


so it is eligible for getting upvote from Steemhunt vote bot or not ? @geekgirl?

Be careful...The more you sharpen it, the smaller your pencil gets

ah this bring back fond memories of days of yore😁😁😁

what machine is that ??? I just saw it.

what? can you please tell the size of pencil? :O

I'm surprised how quickly this publication is monetized, I'd love to make this comment happen the same, it would be fun

Hell's yeah, something not from China that actually works and lasts..............

Antique pice... . Should be kept in museum.

Old is the new new.

I have a great fondness for old things

What kinda pencil is that?

Don't you kidding me :O It's not a sharpener!

Thats a big one for a pencil, unless it is your special pencil to write on steemit 😜😉

what a shitty pic

I had these in school when I was younger. Always wondered how many different size pencils there really were in the world since these things adjusted to like 6 sizes. I only remember the standard size pencils and the big giant ones. All of this also reminds me of pencil fighting. Did anyone else ever do that?

Thats a great discovery! I think it was used by Giants in the ancient world :P

Similar to what i had in school.

I know something like that, there was something like that in the office, but it was disposed of a year ago.

I have an old ass electronic one if you’re looking to buy homie.

I broked mine

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20 years ago I used to fill my old man's old ass pencil sharpener with crayons. :D

how use machine

Very old!!!

ferrry goood

thats very good