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"Three things you cannot recover in life :the Word after it's said, the Moment after it's is missed and the Time after it's gone "

I humbly welcome everyone who is able to get their whaleshare account open. Nothing in life comes easy but men of vision and mission get what they want at the expense of whatsoever it may cost them. It is never too late then never. Master the following terms

Here is everything you need to know



Whaleshare is a platform like steemit or scorum where u can get upvote for posting and get reward via curation when you upvote other people , in whaleshare you are permitted to post any form of article.

Whaleshares Terminology

These are a few common terms that will be used on whaleshare platform

  1. WLS:

Wls is the native token of whaleshare .this is the token you will be able to transfer in/out of the platform to bitsharesDex.


This is your vested (just like steemit power or scorum power) .the more whalestake you hold, the higher you max vote value is .NOTE There is no secondary pegged assets on whaleshare platform ,all of your earned rewards will be given in whalestake .to remove earning from the platform you will have to powerdown a set amounts of whalestake which convert to liquid WLS just like how steemit does

  1. MANA :

MANA is the % of voting power of your account , each time you share/upvote for a post or comment your mana will be reduce by 2% and it will recharge at rate of 20% perday.

    whalecoin are token which you can send to whales for upvoting your article content just like the way whaleshare token was used on steemit but now there lot of whale coin that will be operating on this great community such as beyondbit token, hairsharetoken, litt token,krazycoin token and lot of more.

kindly wait for a period of (2-7) days for your account confirmation proce, let your eyes stay glued on your mail box for further instruction. Always check your spam or inbox for the confrontation message.

Keep your generated key very safe. Make sure you back it up in various device to avoid it been lost because your password can not resend if lost. Copy ur postkey,post owner key and save it or back it up somewhere save


Time waits for nobody in life. To open an instant whaleshrare account, you have to have a minimum of 200 whaleshare to do that, the early birds eat the morning worm by the bank of the rivers. Join us now and let make this platform a home for all.

Kindly follow me here and I follow suit. Let share and get reward at the same time. Meet with new friends on our whatsapp and discord channel below


WLS-AFRICA discord server https://discord.gg/wz57t75

KINDLY COUNT YOUR WITNESS VOTE ON WLS-AFRICA BY VOTING @black-man, @wls-africa, @god as witness

**Create your introductory post immediately after a successful account activation and use the following tags for more visibility '#myintroduction, #introduceyourself,#introducemyself, #wls-africa, #whaleshares. Thanks

WHALESHARE-AFRICA 🐋🐋 20180911_080543.jpg

🐋🐋 Thanks for joining and support to this great platform

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