3301 followers. tonight huge payout... and new ability to help.

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Well it seems that my friends at Dynamic steam engines have definitely noticed what is going on and really want to change the world as well. Well... they opened me up my very own chat room in their area so that when I have cases that need our help I can promote and share.

Really excited to be able to do more and grow more!

And I love it we ended a plan comes together!

I need to get the theme song to the Ateam for my SteemVan and some exterior speakers for days like this.

I can hear it now pissing hippies off in the van. Or action movies? At the gathering? Yep!

Well maybe I keep helping I'm not gonna have to worry.

Well later today more videos! I got 8 sparring videos that need to go up.

So awaiting the sun. Got the Solar panel up and charging a battery. Not bright enough for the phone yet.

But let's get Steeming!

Sunday is Day of Steem. Where we will be out talking and growing the community!

Oh yeah I gotta work more! Sweet!

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