Eat Steak Off Grid Style and Eating Red Meat is the Best Reason to Drink Red Wine

in off-grid •  4 months ago

BBQing a steak anywhere is kind of like off grid. It counts!!

Add some season rice, potaoe salad and fried fresh mushrooms and onions and you've got your self a meal. This old stove is both wood and gas powered all in one, what a great idea for those with electricity. If you run out of gas you can use the wood, if you are too lazy to fetch wood than you got gas. Wow, the future is great.

It even has an oven heated by wood though I don't recommend it unless you are and expert baker. The heat is always the exact same temperature so you reely need to pay attention and know what your baking. Still, with some practice I'm sure it becomes a great option for off grid baking.

Those fresh fried mushrooms and onions.

Put everything together on a plate and dig in.

Well, whatever it is your eating waking up to this view and tranquility will make any meal even tastier. Promise.

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Looks pretty damn delicious !


Probably compares to some of your own home cooking.

good food keeps good health. but bear is not good for our health.


Hmm.. I never considered if bear was a healthy meat choice. I've heard it needs to cooked really well to be safe. Perhaps I shall have the chance to try it.

Moose is pretty good as burgers. I've also had squirrel stew too. Rabbit jerky and rooster nuts. Haha

Whats next?

Well, the wood powered idea only make sense if you can get hold the wood but I guess that is not a big issue. The good food get cooked in whatever way.


No shortage of wood in Canada, got more than most of the world combined. The funny thing about the ancient stove being wood and gas is the safety hazard it poses compared to today's standards.

But, any way to cook is a good way to cook.


I guess that means they don't make many of these nowadays

Red wine and that red tasty bbq makes a perfect meal! well, you may also add the lovely red off-grid sky =) I just had lunch but looking at this photo makes me hungry again lol. Oh, gee..I miss bbq!

That multi-purpose stove is awesome. We use firewood or charcoal too sometimes in cooking but we do it outdoors =)


The red wine is a nice touch. Certainly helps with a giod night sleep. I did notice many people in PH cook outside in someway. Must be too hot in the summer.


Most houses in my country are made of wood and people use clay stove or that one made of concrete to cook with charcoal or firewood. We cook outside not because of the warm weather but for safety reasons =) Most of us here don't have exhaust ventilator in our homes, so the whole kitchen will be filled with smoke when you use firewood or charcoal.


Oh I see. That makes sense. Cooking outside is fun too, unless it's windy and raining.