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RE: Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians!

in #odtasks5 years ago

The YouTube Channel is a relic... they've put it into a bizarre state where everything, including videos of Tommy handing a crowd funded electric wheelchair to a disabled child, are restricted...

Tommy isn't what the media portray him to be, and he never was.

Those of us working with him are absolutely determined to route around the big tech censors and that's one of the reasons I love having his material posted on Steem.

We should be posting his next video direct to 3speak later today.


If the media can make milquetoast Dave Rubin into an evil monster, Tommy Robinson is a walk in the park! lol

@brianoflondon you were gifted 150 Hobo tokens for believing in free speech.

The Hobo token will be the token that will bring the world truly decentralized journalism on Steem.

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