The Sigel / Sowilō Rune - An exclusive animated video

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Continuing with our 3d animated videos describing the runes - here we have the latest in runes... The Sigel / Sowilō Rune.

Below is the next video Odin's Eye has created in the series. The interpretations are by Horik Svensson from his book, "The Runes". They are for runecasting and peering into them in shamanic ways.


The Sigel / Sowilō Rune



There are more to come. When all done, they'll be combined to create one single film on the Runes.

How do you interpret the runes? How do you use them? Odin's Eye is going to explore this and more.


The other runes so far:


Thanks for watching. Hail the gods! Hail the ancestors! Hail the folk!

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