How do we make the world a better place to live? What ethics can we live by to increase peace, prosperity, happiness and freedom today? We sit with Bob Podolsky to try to answer these questions and more!

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Join us in this conversation as we get into how we can organize to implement creative solutions to the many issues we face in this modern world.

Adventures In Healing's Alex and Graeme sits down with author and educator Bob Podolsky for an information packed lesson!

Non-hierarchical groups called Octologues & Holomats are explained as well as ways to increase peace, prosperity, happiness and freedom in our lives and communities today. And finally, ways of tapping into the creative energy of the universe through group meditation.

For the full conversation go to our podcast on soundcloud (sorry for the low volume).
Find more of Bob's work and his book Flourish: An Alternative To Government and Other Hierachies at
Hope you enjoy! 💓


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Awesome podcast episode! Bob has a lot of intriguing ideas. I'd really like to try the group meditation creative process he describes.

yess, we want to try it too! Really depends on the group though. The group is really important.

I definitely share the vision of peace and abundance for all. It's exciting to meet other like minds and hearts in this community. Just followed ya! Onward and upward.

Thank you Pyramid John! Happy to be on this journey with you! Happy to follow your stuff too -Graeme

Indeed. I've been meeting so many lovers of peace! It's very exciting. :)

Legend! Thanks for sharing :)

Hey man! Thank you - I hope you were able to get something out of the video. I consider it very dense in information. One really has to stay focused to keep up ;)

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