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Agree on the sentiment that we should all be working together, doing our little bits towards a common goal, instead of scrambling for back-pats but I think, like you, there are still a lot of good in Steem (and Steemit) and I'm feeling positive also about the future :D

As for the introduceyourself tag curation, have you heard about @brittandjosie's and @xcountytravelers' curation compilations under @heyhaveyamet publications? I've been following them for a while and I think there might be some synergy here :)

Here is an example of their latest post:

But yes, I think, with retaining new users, there is a LOT of learning curve with this platform and i think.... if we can help users understand 'reward' versus 'entitlement' and how they can be a great Steemian who gives and takes from the platform in a healthy relationship, that'd be SUPER~ \o/

Awesome post, Cid, I love the message 100% :)


We whitelisted the first mentioned user but haven't checked their project. Will have to now. :)

Hi @acidyo we would be glad to tell all about our project #steemterminal, @xcountytravelers, @thekittygirl and I would be glad to inform you about all we do. We are all in discord, but if tagged on a blog or comment we Will try to answer.
Have a great day, night or morning

The steep learning curve for new people is the main reason I started going through the introduceyourself and introducemyself posts. I wanted to help the people who showed promise with starting tips and tricks. The security issues were also discussed to make sure they didn't make bad mistakes. For example, I was using my master key for a long time... LOL

@veryspider, thanks for the shoutout, thats highly appreciated.

awwwww dont mention it ! i looooooooooooove your project, @heyhaveyamet :D

anything i can do to help, let me know <3 you both rock !!!!

If you come across people and account that need help to do better and further inthe steemisfere send them to the discord steemterminal ,

I shall ! :D

So appreciate it very much!