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I thought for a long time what post I could do next with Buddy, I came up with the idea to do one of his days, although most of us know that dogs eat, play, and sleep, I still decided to do a post like this.


For a week I was collecting pictures and looking for the right moments when I would start photographing Badia, and here I finally collected all the pictures, of course, I wouldn't be me if I hadn't arranged a little for painting. Let's get started, let's see what a dog's day looks like.


Like everyone else, Buddy has to sleep, replenish his energy, which he can't expend in any way, and he is constantly active and playful, so this is one of the rare moments when you will see Buddy sleeping and resting. He usually plays with his little honey who is also his best friend, when his best friend tires him he goes to bed with him to sleep and it looks so SWEET.


When he wakes up and recharges his batteries, and you know that he is charged when you can't catch him, and when he goes crazy all over the house, which is not desirable for brushing. I brush it when he is sleepy, then he is calmest and does not go crazy. My advice to you is not to brush the house when it is played, because there is no chance to brush it.


After brushing, I let him eat so that I could take him for a walk later, and so that he could defecate. He is a dog that eats everything, he is my chemical once, fortunately, he has nothing, but my chemical is nowhere to be found. The only thing where he is picky are the granules, he eats only one type of granules and not one more, and to almost forget he is very spoiled and does not like to eat from a bowl when I pour him everything spills on the floor, so I decided to give him to eat from the floor, although I don't like to watch him eat from the floor. Do you have any solution on how to make him eat from a bowl?


The only bowl he likes is the one with water in it, of course, he can't drink water in any other way. He loves water, I think he could drink water all day, which is not good, he gets carried away several times and drinks a full bowl of water, later he starts vomiting only water, which is disgusting and I can't clean it, I know I sound now It's as if I'm spoiled, but what will I do when I'm a little, my brother picks it up and I'm grateful to him for that.


When he eats, recharges his batteries, and drinks water he is ready for a walk. I usually walk it for about an hour at a time and more if I have the time. I put on his leash, which he doesn't like so much, sometimes he gets so upset that he starts to take care of him, it seems that he could eat him whole. I don't like putting a leash on him either and I hope that will change, because I've already started to let him go a little without a leash, but only in the evening because then there are no people and no cars or something that could interfere with his listening. me. In the evening, everything is so calm, then I like to walk him the most because I am the calmest, even though he is crazy and runs everywhere and still listens to me. I LOVE BUDDY.


As soon as I take him outside, he immediately runs to his favorite tree, which is a little further from our building, he adores that tree, like every dog, and he has his favorite place to defecate. He pulls me to that tree with all his strength, I have a feeling that I could stand on roller skates and drag me to the end of the world, barking at other people and cars along the way, it annoys me a lot, but fortunately, he does it less and less, when was younger it was unbearable, now he is a little more mature.


Oops ... This photo looks a little awkward, to find out how I photographed him would kill me, but luckily he's just a dog so he doesn't know. Like I said, he has his favorite place to go to the bathroom, and this is right across from his favorite tree. I don't know about yours, but it's ridiculous for me when he urinates, he takes a ridiculous pose, and after 6 months of walking, it's still funny and it will be funny.


We were nearing the end of Buddy's day. When we get back from the walk he goes even crazier, but that madness lasts much shorter. He usually attacks the ball, because these are the dogs' favorite toys after all. And believe me, this photo was the hardest to take, it took a lot of patience to catch Buddy standing still for a second. After his madness, he goes to bed again and when he gets up the madness starts again.




With love, Buddy & Sara❤️


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It was fun to hear your story about everything that Buddy does! Thanks for the story and all the great pics. My favorite is the one of you brushing Buddy. It's nice to see you with a big smile! :)