Changi Beach

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Changi Beach is at the very end of the island. It was, and probably is the most accessible beach in Singapore in that there is public transport to take you right to the beach.

When I was young, and had time on my hands, I went there quite often. Those were the days before 'UV rays are bad for you', and 'too much sun can cause skin cancer'. As I grow older, the almost two hour journey to the beach seemed like a long time, and I had other priorities. So, I haven't been back.

However, early this year, I had to attend a function at a clubhouse near the beach. So, I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of the beach again. It still took almost two hours to come to the beach from my home despite that we have trains now. Trains don't come directly to the beach or anywhere near the beach. So, in between switching from feeder buses to train, and then feeder bus again, it took just as much time.

View from the Club

It was a beautiful day. The beach looked lovely and I was so tempted to go down and have a look - for old times sake. Unfortunately, I was with company and they have other things in mind.

I like beaches. And there are other beaches, but they are all not the most convenient to get to on public transport. Maybe one fine day, I will take a trip down memory lane.

Compounds of the Clubhouse


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What a great looking scene, that beach area. Why don't you just drive there?

What a great looking
Scene, that beach area. Why
Don't you just drive there?

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I can't afford a car. :-)

Well you don't need one if you can walk everywhere you need to right? Besides, in a year or two there will be electric autonomous cars running all over the place so if you need to go a little ways off you can just order it, they'll get to where they're real cheap for a ride.

Cars are expensive and public transport is convenient and cheap. It doesn't make sense to own a car in SIngapore unless you need it for work.

Well they are saying that the autonomous electric cars will usher in an era where hardly anyone will own one because you can just order one up anytime you want. So if they don't work in Singapore then it will be one of the few places on earth where they don't work. But when you get older you'll probably just get a bicycle. lol.

We shall see what happens. lol

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