Digital strike!

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It is a huge step.

First of all I want to tell you about the digital strike which is happening in India right now. Government of India banned 59 "Chinese" application throughout the nation stating the reason being that these apps are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to user privacy and the sovereignty of India, "enabling unauthorized transmission of user data to servers situated ‘outside India"

But a major reason which is nowhere stated officially is that the The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) meticulously planned the attack on Indian troops in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan for at least two days,
they even released high speed water where the strong gush of water made the Indian soldiers lose balance. The Chinese charged, pushed the Army personnel and many fell into the Galwan river, the Chinese wearing body protecters, helmets and carried spiked batons which hence proved it was all planned.

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The fight was all physical no guns involved. we sadly lost our respected 20 soldiers and many were injured as well. the other side lost 43 according to news here but no official statement from the govt. side as they are putting finger on their lips for that.
Learn more about the situation.

India have a track record of never attacking or invading any country ever! Even after having world's second largest military force. Just fighting back if got attacked.

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My heart goes for the family of those who were killed in action. the nation cried for the loss of 20 gems of nation. we will fight back. not to kill people but kill their cruel intentions. "Boycott Chinese Products" is famous now a days since the govt. took huge step of banning apps. They would undergo billions of dollars loss estimated. although India will face some problems financially on this step but sometimes nation comes first.

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I know there are many Chinese fellow on this platform who might have objections regarding this post against their nation, but please keep in mind that life is like chemistry, exceptions are always there. So not pin pointing every citizen of that nation but yes the people who are planning and plotting against our nation.


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