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With these posts OCD wants to support projects that are useful for the whole Steem ecosystem and at the same time add value to the overall user experience.

25% of this post rewards will go to one of the most useful data analysis websites of the Steemcosystem, where the average steemian can check stats, balances, post details, user transactions/votes and much much more: @Steemworld. We want to thank @steemchiller for continuosly developing, mantaining and improving the website that every Steemian should know of and start using.

25% of this post rewards will go to one of the most user friendly interfaces to browse the Steem Blockchain. Perfect for content discovery and personalization, @steempeak also allows posting with beneficiary rewards, which is exactly how we are posting this right now. Make sure to check out steempeak.com and start using it asap.

25% of this post rewards will go to @c-squared, a curation project that allows community contributed curation and has a team with some of the most dedicated curators on the Steem Blockchain. If a post is worthy, it's most likely that C-squared has already found it. We want to thank them for their continuous effort on finding amazing content every day.

25% of this post rewards will go to our developer @jga who has forked, altered and maintained the non-profit @ocdb distribution bot in almost a year, without him and his efforts one of the biggest accounts on Steem at this time may probably not exist. We want to thank him for being a prominent user of our platform and helping distribution of stake.

Feel free to vote on these posts as all of the post rewards will go towards these users/projects. Thanks for reading. :)

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Thank you @ocd for the support and love! Some day I hope to be a whale-like you and help the minnows around me. :D
Keep Kicking butt and helping to make steem a great place to work and play.

I sense deep emotions and steem family vibes 😍 @steemworld makes easy to claim all the steem engine tokens at once with out multiple frustrating transcations.

I am curator for @c-squared and although I did little curation on behalf of them, I see strong work mode there where tens of curators churn out reward deserving content.

If you surf steem for @steempeak, you will be amazed how passionately they are improving the platform with every update coming up on blockchain. Loved the clean interface, showing tokens earned along with Steem coins on post.
They also display wether the Dapp you use to post on block chain taking beneficiary amount or not.

Loved this move 😊😍

Big ups to Steem Peak, C-Cquared and Steemworld. I think part of the experience that makes STEEM so revolutionary is the presence of comprehensive information. I’d be lying if I didn’t use one of many sites to check my progress, compare stakes, and monitor account changes. If you’re helping run ocdb at all, there’s no words for your contribution either, enjoy the rewards. They’re from the heart.

If we can help to this incredible projects, Steem and Steemit can stay here for long time.

We can safe this incredible ecosystem called Future..

Thanks @ocd for showing your support.


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Steem World is a must for anyone serious about continuing this journey here in the ecosystem!

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Good job :)


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