The Magical Time of the Year! It's Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from me and to your Families!

This season is the most magical time of the year, Christmas is a form of Gift giving, Forgiveness and sharing but the most important things is the Birth Month of our Dear God. As a Simple person i want to share something, Me and my fellow mom's used to share a simple gift for this Children's. We Conduct a games and giving gift's that bought them a smile on their faces.






Me and My fellow momsh organize this simple gift giving ideas for kids, and we decided to do this yearly to give smile to this loving children's. And we also have Exchange Gift for us^^




More foods to share with, Very simple yet full of love and sharing, The true meaning of Christmas. We are very Happy, with this simple celebration we manage to share our blessings to each and everyone of us.

Chocolate Cake




Mango Roll cake




Macaroni Spaghetti


Grapes and Orange




We are all blessed and thankful that God make us a way to give smile to this kids and share the blessings to others. I Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Thank you and God Bless everyone! Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year.


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merry christmas!

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Merry Christmas and Advance happy New year @catajay.vstore

Mukhang masaya ang Pasko nyo!
Happy new year po!

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salamat @guruvaj merry christmas din po and Happy New year!