OCD Challenge - The Winners and Hall of Fame

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Today at 31st of May 12.00 GMT+0 is the day our true OCD'ers have fought hard to keep their ocd satisfied. The challenge was to keep STEEM or SBD at a round number! Today we will find out who has kept their wallet clean and we will find out who have fouled theirs!

Hall of Fame

At first I want to note that the people who were not part of the @ocd team unfortunately have not made it, which is logical ofcourse. This challenge was not easy for non-ocd'ers. I had to say it was a hard battle. Some ocd'er decided to make our challenge much harder, but we will get to that in a moment.

I present to you the true OCD'ers:

I want to give a quick shoutout to my graphic designer @podanrj for making these! As his work is always awesome he will receive 50% of the SBD of this post.


Not only was she the first one to accept this challenge, she was also the most competitive, in that she tried to rigged the game. Very slyly she messed up not only my wallet but from ALL the participants on the day of the deadline. But luckily a true ocd'er alway's checks their wallets.


To be fair @fukako was not always the rigger. The first who started out was our foodie lover @elteamgordo. When gordo started with the competitive ocd moves, I guess it had tained our beloved fukako. Throughout the end of the competition elteamgordo focussed on his own ocd though. He showed us mercy?


Macchiata is on her journey to find happiness. During her journey she doesn't forget to tend her ocd. Keeping her wallet always clean on the beautiful zeroes.


At last ofcourse we have the leader of the ocd'ers. It goes without saying that he is a true ocd'er. Because....well..... Mew.

If you want to prove you fit in the ocd club. Stay tuned for the next challenge ;)

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Damn.. I also ''clean my wallet'' regularly... I have those odd numbers.. i guess i qualify on the OCD side of things.... I even have a guitar pedal called OCD.. ( sounds quite good ! )


There will be another challenge announced soon. If you wish to be recognized as an ocd'er... :P

Hello, can we get some witness love for @ComedyOpenMic: https://steemit.com/~witnesses


hey @futurethinker, i think groovati saw that you used the COM tag and was just trying to encourage you to also vote for our witness.... which would be cool if you were so inclined.

i heard that you re-steemed and help spread the word, as a community we really do appreciate you sharing about COMEspanol when we first started out to support the Spanish community and also bringing up COM in promo-mentors, so thank you from all of us at the comedyopenmic community

hahahah what a troll @fukako ^^

Congratulations on your hard work! will be well rewarded for keeping straight in not spending lol


Haha thank you @gvand!!

@futurethinker, I love my zero wallet!


It looks so beautiful!

You got a 45.44% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @futurethinker!

Hahaha... I thought this is just for fun....

If you intend this post to go into the #comedyopenmic tag then can you please enter a comedy entry and follow the rules of comedyopenmic?


I will sorry for the missunderstanding!


Changed the tag ;)