Looking for an alternative for Publish0x? Here is one!

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Publish0X did made some changes this week, which could hurt your account. The two with the biggest impact are the decrease in vote value and the removal of getting tips in Ethereum. These two will have a major impact on the number of posts on one side but also on your potential earnings on the other.

I did read that many authors will stop publishing on Publish0x. It is all about the money! But hey do admit that they will keep using their 5 free upvotes per day. So for the ones staying behind more tips could flow in, meaning meaning that the loss in income would be so bad!

I will keep on posting on Publish0x, you will never know if something like the FORTH airdrop will come by again!

Regardless of that people are looking for some alternatives. And here is one for you if you are looking for an alternative!



Read.cash can be seen as a mix beween the Hive blogging part and Publish0x. All the tips are paid out in BCH (Bitcoin Cash).
Just like on Hive and Publish0x building up a network is one of the keys to be successful!

When you do create an account, you do get also a bitcoin cash wallet assigned to you. All the tips will flow into this wallet and can be withdraw at any moment. So there is no 7 day waiting, here it looks a lot like Publish0x.
The best is if you do want to withdrawn your hard earned BCH, is to withdraw it to the Celsius Network, where you will get a APY of 4.51% on the BCH in your wallet!

The tipping

You can upvote and tip. Both are separate actions. The upvoting is to show that you did like the article, simple as that. So there is no financial reward involved.
If you do tip, the tip will come out of your wallet. But there is a special thing about tipping. When you do tip, you can select the amount of BCH your are willing to tip to the author!

But then some magic can happen! There is a bot running called the randomrewarded. It does multiply sometimes an upvote. As you can see in the image below. I did get a $0.01 upvote (my first ever) and the randomrewarded did kick in and upvoted the article with $0.37.

random rewarder.JPG

I am on a mission trying to earn 1 BCH before the year is over, you can read it in this post here:

Are you also already on read.cash? If yes, feel free to drop my your account name so that I can follow you!
If not, well there is no harm to give it a try!

I will keep you guys posted here about my progress!


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