OCD is looking for international curators! FR/ITA/POL

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The Operation Curation Delegation a.k.a. @ocd started off more than 200 issues ago with 20 curators looking for underrated posts from new Steemians. After seeing the good feedback and response from the community, we started to curate other languages.

Recently we made a German, Korean and Japanese curator announcement, if by that time we knew we would need more curators from other languages I would have used that chance to include but you know how it goes, sometimes we don´t have control over the timing of some things.

Anyway, this time we are looking for curators of three languages, here is the information about it.

At first we started curating posts in five languages but now, we are already curating one post a day for ten languages. We find them and supported them with a large trail of votes while incentivizing the curators to do their best job at it and helping authors get noticed and driving more attention to their amazing posts.

OCD needs community driven Steemians!

As any project that strive for excellence, we need to renovate and to add more curators every now and then. Adding more people gives us the opportunity to have more opinions, ideas and to keep promoting inclusion towards Steemians who are interested in supporting their language communities.

The languages we will be needing more curators is defined by the workload and manpower needed to always be able to curate one post from said language.

The languages in which we need new curators are:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish

We already have a curators for these languages but we want to get more people involved due to the workload these languages have.

What your daily activities are as a curator

You search for original content posts (no plagiarism) that are undervalued (under $10 rewards) and nominate them for curation on our discord channel.
You vote on other posts by the other curators in the team to choose which ones make the daily compilation post. (also on the discord channel)
Since only the people on the team will be able to understand that language, the person in charge of writing the post that week won't be able to write descriptions to the post themselves so the curators will have to add short descriptions when nominating it. This description should be in both the native language and in english. (More info on that on discord later)

Reward distribution

20% of the SBD from the daily multi language compilation goes for the post author, 40% go to all (language) curators and 40% to the ones whose nominations make the compilation post.

100% of the SP remains with the account but you get a stake in it depending on your nominations and activity. When you decide to leave the project you will receive your share in Steem/SP.

How to apply as a curator for these posts

Leave a comment in english here telling us thoroughly why you would make a good curator for the project and we will look over your application during the week. Please state what language will you be able to curate in.

We are looking for 1 curator for each language:

French, Italian and Polish

We are looking forward to your applications! Bear in mind that we will be looking for more curators in the future! Good luck!

I´m not a member of any of these language communities so i f you can resteem this post so more Italian, French and Polish Steemians find out about this, I would highly appreciate it.

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Hi all!

Of course, I am reporting willing to undertake the cooperation with OCD.

Since when I appeared on Steemit, I've been trying to support polish tag as much as it is possible.

Everyday I browse all the posts appearing on #polish tag, trying to find undervalued authors and to help them with their development and promotion. I am leading the considerable part of my activity on steemit.chat, where I am online virtually all day long and where I am always ready to help anyone.

I think that supporting every user is very important, therefore firmly I am promoting this attitude. I am convinced that I've already helped many authors of which at one-time undervalued, today list on the top of polish "trending".

I am convinced that many users will agree that I would be a very good curator. Steemit is my great passion to which I am dedicating a lot of time and energy.

You've got my support @santarius ;) But it doesn't mean that @jacekw hasn't it also. I consider you both as great community members and I think it doesn't matter which one of you wins this race - the Polish community will still get benefits for sure :)

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My vote goes to @santarius. Very helpful person. The right man in the right place. :)

What is my destiny?

In my opinion @Santarius is one of the best candidates for curator. He supports polish community in many ways. One of them include willingness to cooperate with different people. Also, he knows how to find alternative ways to solve the problems that afflict polish commiunity.

@santarius is the right candidate for the curator. He is helpful in every situation and tries to solve the problems of the Polish community.

@Santarius is a great candidate for a curator. He strongly supports the #polish community by helping novices, commenting, explaining, upvoting. He writes very good posts, so I think he is the right person to appreciate the best entries in Polish.

@santarius right person to represent #polish community. I highly support this candidacy. Give him a chance!

I think that @santarius is the perfect choice. I sincerely believe that He can handle the responsibility of being an curator. Choose Him and You will not be disappointed :)

@Santarius is really good choocie to a curator. He is really helpful - I am on steemit only owing to his hekp!

@santarius would be a perfect curator too!

My support goes to @santarius. No doubt!

I second @santarius apply. He's not-that-long on Steemit but he's one of the most active polish users and by "active" I mean supporting newcomers or less popular authors. Give him a chance!

he is very good curator, helpful, kind and is not afraid of using flag when he have to.

My vote for you ! @santarius
THis is a person whose efforts should be appreciated.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Voting for @Santarius with a suggestion that, however you need one guy for this job only, its necesary to look forward. In near future (considering how many people joined steemit last time) we will need a second curator for sure. You may say its unimportant thing to care about the future right now but well... its always better to be prepared than to cry. That way, if you'll agree with me, let me mention @jacekw name as a candidate for a second curator's seat. Both are well experienced, hard working men always ready to help you if you need an advice. With both of them as our curators we can grow in safeness avoiding any danger of social disorder.

I recommend @santarius too, you will not be disappointed ;)

@Santarius I am happy to see you applying. I vote for you!

I would like to submit my candidacy.

I have been on Steem since June 2017. Currently, I visit #polish tag every day, looking for good content. I pay special attention to technology and science posts.

My projects related to the #polish community:

Without a doubt @jacekw will be a good curator.

Full support for @jacekw candidacy for #polish curator in @ocd!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey jacekw! It's amazing to see such initiatives coming to life. You've got my vote ;) Is there a Polish discord channel?

I'm afraid it hasn't worked for me :/

Good luck @jacekw

I think @jacekw would be a perfect curator for the #polish tag, too!

another support for @jacekw as well as for @santarius - both very quality polish steemians, caring for the community

supporting @jacekw too


It's an amazingly nice thing when you can strongly support two candidates!
@jacekw is a great candidate for a curator.

I strongly support your candidacy @jacekw. Good luck!

This voice - it will not be wasted.
@Jacekw - he is also a great programmer - who supports our community. The work's contribution is huge!

I wonder - can you not make an exception and accept two candidates for probation officers? @ocd What do you think?

@jacekw has my vote in election ;)

For the moment there are 5 projects of curation for French content. The more there are, the better. But it would be time to think about pooling efforts to avoid unnecessary workloads.

@corsica, @zonguin and I select between 5 and 10 articles a day when we are active, @lemouth takes care of proofreading, validating and distributing the votes from 10 to 100%.

@francosteemvotes selects between 4 and 8 articles a day, mostly selected by @evildido, @lpv and @ixindamix, the 100% votes are validated and distributed by @ixindamix.

@aidefr selects 3 articles not day by day it seems to me that @kaliangel and @zonguin is in charge of all this. @zonguin is also in charge of 100% voting.

@muxxybot that you must know well also select between 3 and 5 items per week. @myrockandocean @corsica @roxane @zonguin and @kingswisdom are curators and when we have time to do it we select an article for publication on Saturday. The @muxxybot team will send the votes to 100%.

As you can see here the names that come back in the curations are often the same. These people and I are actively following the fr tag. Personally I've had to slow down lately for personal reasons, but I'm back on duty these days.

I really think it would be smart to connect with each other in order to facilitate the selections. If 6 people have analyzed all the fr articles, I find it really stupid that a 7th must do all the work again while a simple message to one of these different curation teams would save a lot of time and make it possible not to miss any daily issue.

It would save time, energy, cohesion and more.

Concretely, rather than choosing a single curator, I suggest that you choose a group of curators. @corsica @zonguin and myself will be able to share very well the SBD that you grant to the curator. So you don't have to pay us 3 times, especially since you only ask for one item which is really not complicated to find for us.

If you are interested in the idea, don't hesitate to contact me on Steemit Chat or on the different discord FR I am everywhere you can find me easily. Otherwise you can always leave me a comment with the link to your discord and I will be happy to come and discuss with you.

See you soon

Hey there! Great! I didnt know there were so many french projects. Do you know if there is a strong steemit community in Paris?! Are there meetups here?! I came here 2 month ago and would like to get to know a few of you guys. I definitely will have a look to the projects! Steem on.

Hey @lizanomadsoul !! So I don't know if there are many Steemians in Paris but I know at least one (@howo) and I think he will be better placed than me to tell you if there are many steemians there.

On the other hand what I do know is that in Strasbourg (@lefactuoscope, @walterjay, @ekitcho, @lemouth ...), in Auvergne (@yann0975, @heimindanger, @french.fyde, @siavach,@lemouth...) in Rhône-Alpes (@evildido, @ixindamix, @deadzy, @aurelyr, @lemouth .... there are many. I left you some @ here so you could visit their blog and get in touch with them if you want. You can also see how the @steemauvergne team organized a great meetup that will surely please you I think ;-) !

Don't hesitate to get in touch with each of them to find out more and discover the Francophone community and all its actors:-) ! Then you have Belgium next door and you also have a lot of Steemians to meet there (@roxane, @itharagaian, @monsieur-tk, @happydaddy, @lemouth .....). We'll all be happy to chat with you ;-) !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We also have @lemouth at Paris although it's super hard to meet him and @reizak

Come to me in steem.chat if you want us to meet :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@howo: this is because I am a quantum person. Maybe next week between Monday and Wednesday. I have to double check but we could go for an afterwork beer :)

@planetenamek: come on you know me as well. :D

Yes I didn't quote you @lemouth because you're everywhere and nowhere at once ! But I should have quoted you in all the groups:-). I'm gonna fix that :-D !

This is true, I am a quantum person ^^

Ahahah as usual @planetenamek you make my day ! :D

That sounds like fun! Monday and Tuesday night i am free for an afterwork drink if you guys want ;) I will also check out the other accounts.

Let's see for tomorrow, but I may be taken by a professional dinner. You will soon notice that I am very hard to catch (@howo and @fredrikaa can confirm :D).

I can already say that both of us won't be available ^^ sorry

Thanks for the info @howo ! Still operational

Always :D

Nice! Thanks @planetenamek! I will check out these accounts and also the meetup of @steemauvergne :)

With pleasure @lizanomadsoul ! I hope you will have the opportunity to meet very soon ;-) .

LOL. I just noticed that I am indeed everywhere :D

Its a Great idea ! and a perfect for the french community ! i agree with all thing said above us ! French Community got a really nice curator they do a real quality job with @muxxybot or @francosteemvotes

I agree 100% with everything that was said above ! We have great curators in the #fr community and amasing work is done by the teams of @francosteemvotes @aidefr or the french @muxxybot
Si if they could get an international exposiure it would be great!
Les Pitchous

Huge support for these fr guys ! They already do a great job in the french community since a long time now !

100% agree and I told most of those guys already... I thing zonguin even took it personnally... Regrouping is better as always ...

I agree, I don't understand why you're targeting me.

Maybe because i don't target you personally :-)

Full support to this initiative ! As a SteemStem curator, and mentoring a lot of people everyday, I can't apply to this. But I know I can trust @planetenamek, @zonguin, and @corsica for this task !

I also trust these 3, for obvious reasons!

Thank you very much for that comment. I totally validate your message. That's a great idea.

Great idea @planetenamek.

Hello ! We are @steemauvergne !
Agree with that !!!!
Very good curators in France !!!!
Many promote steem ... we must grow ... then we sensibilize a lot of people.... 50 persons Meetup in 18/03/03...

I like @ocd very much I think it is very well designed and that's a great idea. That's why I want to become a curator. I think I'm going to make a good curator because I'm very active on Steem, I look at all the new articles of the #fr tag, I know how to be objective and then in the evening I have time. I really want you to choose me as curator because I like to get involved in the Steem community and because I really want authors who create quality content to be more visible.

Wath is the Discord of @ocd ?

Hello there !

I'm Laurent Alias Happy Daddy and I try my best every weeks to propose original steemit content to the French community. Mainly about life, happiness & self development. That's why I receive some of your curation delegations an that's how I learned to know this great project.

Thanks to @roxane and her commitment to the #fr community I'm really drived to do more for Steemit but also for this French community and honestly, I would be an honor to me to be involved in this project.

Since December, I put all my effort and my energy into Steemit to be as present as possible and Discord became my new home to discuss day&night with my new friends.

Anyway and whatever the decision you'll make, I wish you all the best for this great adventure.

Have a great day,
Laurent Alias Happy Daddy

PS : I see @kaliangel also applied for it and I just wanna say he will be a great choice too !

Hey there! Great! I didnt know there were so many french projects. Do you know if there is a strong steemit community in Paris?! Are there meetups here?! I came here 2 month ago and would like to get to know a few of you guys. Steem on.

Hello there! Yes the French community is small but really great with an amazing spirit:o)

I have no clue for Paris as I live in Belgium and here we do some meetups in Brussels.

Have a nice weekend,

Maybe I come by to one of those meetups some time :D When are they?

Good to know, normally the next one will be somewhere in April.

As @roxane is the famous steemit Belgian I guess you'll be aware of the next date if you follow her but I also can warn you too if you want to :o)

hello OCDs. I can curate posts in Italian, if you want.
I'm italian, I'm actively on Steem since jan 2017 - ok, you can see it yourselves. :)
I translated almost each guides sndbox did to Italian. https://steemit.com/tutorial/@paolobeneforti/tutorial-l-abc-dell-interfaccia-di-steemit-traduzione-in-italiano
I translated some articles of SteemWiki to Italian https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Italiano
I created a basic FAQ website for new italian steemians: www.steemitaly.it (well, it needs to be updated, honestly)
I have been in the Steempostit community on Telegram for a while, but left it months ago.
Of course I know many good italian steemians - And I introduced some of them on Steem.
I have a level 75 NightElf Druid on WoW Sorry, this has nothing to do with... ;)

I have also a project for creating a physical Steem Point in Italy so to spread Steem in my town and in Italy: https://steemit.com/steem/@paolobeneforti/steempoint-a-physical-place-first-sketches
I'm the moderator of the italian room on the Discord server of Utopian

Honestly, I love to see good posts in Italian on Steem, but I also see Steem mostly as an international community and I choose people to follow not checking their nationality. I found amazing people here from many countries - and met some of them in Lisbon, and this is one of the big things of Steem. I had to say this.

Ok, I think it is all.

Hello! In this moment of growth of the Steemit platform (not really neat) I am sure that the projects of curation and support of quality posts are the right choice to added value to this social. This is why I'm already involved in small (but interesting) photography curation projects like @photomatic and @petals and I'd really like to give my contribution to a wider and more important project like the OCD!
So I propose myself for the Italian language. I am Italian, but I speak few languages. Thanks for the opportunity.

I’d be happy to help out curating the Polish tag posts. I’m originally Polish, speak the language and been curating Polish posts in the past. Are there any requirements I’d need to meet?

Hello! Yes, why don´t you write here in the post what you do for your community, if you are involved in other projects, what kind of posts you would be curating for ocd, how long have you been on the platform and your plans here.

Think of it as a job application (but not that serious, we are chill people haha) and just try to write here why do you think you would be a good curator for @ocd.

Thanks for your interest!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Quite frankly my qualifications don't go far beyond: one - I was born there, and two - I speak the language. I've discovered the polish tag 2 months ago and been visiting it regularly to see the growth - there's some seriously good, undervalued content out there! I probably wouldn't make a good main curator, but if you ever need extra hands, you know who to find.

Good initiative mate!

You really should visit polish chat @crypto3d :) Many people make good effort and that's why polish community grows, we have few curators, upvoting bots, tools and more

Awesome, could I have the link to join the chat?

I love the idea of language curators, it gives @ocd a sense of variety and the reward system is also fair.

I would like to make a suggestion, though I do not know if it has been implemented. Certain demographics have a large population here on steemit e.g. Philippines and Nigeria. They would be best served if these portion of the steemit topography had curators who represented their interests.

Why I say this is because for this two countries mentioned above, for instance, the English language is a received tongue. It is not their mother tongue and not all of the people from these part of the world are fluent in the language but that does not mean that there are no quality posts therein.

Lots of the posts from the demographic I mentioned earlier and others that I might not be aware of, have low payout despite the quality and curators can only go so far with what they can understand. But if you have curators from these zones, they can explain the world view behind the writings, they can be the voice of these people in your curation process and in such a manner, these groups can get a level of attention.

May your great work in the steemit hemisphere continue to prosper and may you continue to find opportunities to grow and grow others with you. Stay safe. Peace.

Hello my friend. Yes, it is on our plans to expand to those languages you mention but so far, we don´t have the Voting power to be able to support more languages, especially with the price dropps that have been happening lately. Thanks for the input, it is well received.

Thank you for reading through.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi! It's always a hard task introducing myself. I'll try the easiest way: I'm an Italian freelance journalist based in Berlin. I work for several online websites in my field, both in English and Italian. I graduated in literature back in 2009 and I've been blogging about politics/philosophy/satire since then, failing my attempt to become a rock star in meanwhile.

Also, I work as a live reporter around Europe for the same sites, offering a complete service from photography to video making.

Moreover, I'm pretty motivated to take care of good contents, since I do think there are plenty of undervalued authors who deserve to be discovered and supported beyond the possible deals they can make in private, through Discord or wherever.

I'm enough confident about my competencies and my own sensibility/critical spirit to give my contribution in the best possible way and been also rewarded for it. Last but not least, I support OCD and I've been under your curation several times already. It would be great for me to be on board.

Looking forward to hearing from you


I'm available for french curation. I have time erveryday and spend all my time on steemit since my registration...
I'm already very involved in the growth of my community and struggle every day to help newcomers. I strarted a personal curation yesterday but I would be glad to help this project.

Hi, I am interested in applying to be a curator for the French team.

I am a young artist from Canada and am fluent in both English and French
I have been watching @djynn work for OCD so I have a general idea of how an OCD curator works.
I work well with others.
And I was hoping to explore other communities on steemit and I think that this would be a great opourtunity for me.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

bonjour étant libre h24 et passant mon temps sur steemit je serais motivé a recherché pour vous des postes sous évalué. en français.
Je trouve d’ailleurs la démarche vraiment très bien.
upvote et resteem

Really you are giving yeah very good information sharing with us thank you dear friend @anomadsoul for this post I am new to your blog

Hello @anomadsoul
I like this initiative and its one that i would have really wanted to do, just that the three required language tags are not my field.
I would want to know if there is hope for the Nigerian community?
If yes! I would really want to be part of it.

great effort man...

[BOT] Witamy anomadsoul na #polish, tagu używanym przez Polaków do publikacji polskich treści w ekosystemie Steem (np. Steemit czy Busy). W ekosystemie Steem wspiera się oraz nagradza się nową i autorską twórczość.

  • Plagiaty oraz kopiowanie cudzej twórczości są niemile widziane przez społeczność i mogą doprowadzić do ukrywania wszystkich publikowanych postów danego użytkownika.
  • Wszelkie szczegóły związane bezpośrednio z twoim kontem i twoimi postami znajdują się na steemd.com.
  • Posty zawierające takie rzeczy jak nagość, pornografia, wulgaryzmy czy przemoc powinny zawierać dodatkowo tag #nsfw (Not Suitable/Safe For Work).
  • Wiele ciekawych i bardziej szczegółowych informacji można przeczytać w FAQ dla zupełnie początkujących użytkowników Steemit.
  • Parę dobrych praktych na temat zachowania na steem przeczytasz tutaj.
  • Posiadamy polski serwer Discord.
  • Istnieje polski kanał na oficjalnym czacie, który wymaga osobnej rejestracji.
  • Jeżeli chcesz ładnie formatować swoje posty, to spójrz na poradnik stworzony przez społeczność Markdown.
  • Przegląd wydarzeń i informacje o polskich, steemowych tagach, możesz znaleźć na @kurator-polski.
  • Lista wszystkich tagów wykorzystywanych przez polskich użytkowników znajduje się tutaj
  • Tutaj uzyskasz parę informacji nt. wspierania danych tagów tematycznych przez kuratorów.

@informator will be the best for polish :)

Certo, we need some intalian curators :)

Good idea, I wish you to grow up, you are doing a good job!
Ciao a tutti! :)

That's a great initiative to help the community..

hello excellent friend as always I support her. God bless you greetings

I resteemed this post. I hope you find a nice person.

Good luck

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

One @yhutie published a very undervalued post on Female Genital Mutilation. You might want to check it out.

I would like to be a curator in English. Please put me through

Hi @anomadsoul,
I am native italian speaker, I am a mechanical engineer and trust me I could be your man for italian post. I am in italian Steemit community since november 2017.
Hope to hear from you soon

Hi @anomadsoul,

As you know i live in France and speak fluent french I would like to try and coach a few friends here to join and eventually funnel them there.

I can think of at least 2.

For Italian i will give this link to @meanmommy33 she speaks greek and italian and i think french also (she is part of the languages team of spaminator so she already lurks the block-chain curating for good and bad)

Why aren't there any curators for indian hindi language? :(


Thanks for @anomadsoul..Resteem and Spread out this article.

Hi I'm Italian, with a great passion for travels and new experiences !
But that's not all, I'm also an Industrial and Management Engineer with great interest for new technologies and opportunities!
I would really like to be a curator for the Italian language! Now i'm not involved in any project.
In my Steemit adventure i've always tried to build quality posts! I firmly believe that QUALITY is always better than quantity

I speak and write french and italian, how can I apply as a curator?

This is a good opportunity to empowering every creator content in this platform, that was awesome @anomadsoul, hopefully @ocd will always supporting every creative Steemian.

How I wish I will be passed on this project, but sad to say I only knows Pilipino, Bisayan, Tandaganon and English Language as I am a pure Filipina, I wish I will be included on your project Sir! I am doing my best here, and one of the most important thing, why I am here, is because I am supporting my studies with my own, I am a working student, I also used my SBD for my studies, I hope you can check my other posts.

if i may want to resstem and translate to indonesian if you wish, i am very happy with this ocd project which is very useful for future steemit.

Lover of reading, journalist and content manager. I deal with words from one life.
Italian is my mother tongue.

Great Idea, I love it. Let me know what can I do as italian curator if you need anything.

Ciao @anomadsoul and OCD.
I'm interested in curation in Italian language.
I have to admit that all italian candidate are really nice in high quality content creation but having read that you will look for more curator I decided to take part in the selection process.
Italian speaking, of course, with good knowledge of english and some french.
Computer engineer, Database Administrator and Service Manager i'm interested in tech, curious and always happy to learn something new, read something new, share something mediated by my experience.

Hope you will be looking for curators in Russian soon.

@ocd you guys are doing a great job

Hi! I would like to know more about how can I become a curator for the French language. I am a Canadian ghost writer with a background in Linguistics. (French/English/Romanian). Thank you!