Follow the OCD accounts on Mainstream Social Media!

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I know, I know. How could OCD fall into the hands of the Blue normie social media and the Zuck's hands, right? It's like we are betraying the very basic principles of OCD and STEEM which are decentralization, non-censorship and fair (DPOS) distribution of currrency.

But let's face it, if we ever want our Steem Blockchain to achieve mass adoption, we need a way to reach out to said masses. Some projects are already doing this and despite OCD being focused on Steem Curation, we are slowly starting to reach to other markets, such as the /Steem Subreddit.

This is just the beginning of bigger long term plan, but I'll let @acidyo tell you more about that in a few days.

In the meantime, it would be great if you start following us and like our pages in those pesky blue and red social media where part of the Steem's potential user base lies.




Go follow us! Leave a comment here about doing it and @anomadsoul and @acidyo will give a little vote to the comment :)

Also, as a little experiment, let's see how long does it take the Zuck and company to find us and then start shadowbanning OCD's accounts or completely banning them from their centralized, agenda-filled, corporate interested, government serving social media.


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@anomadsoul, I am following @OCD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

p.s. that's a screenshot of my Twitter account, following OCD:

Done on all 3 😊
I wish you as much visibility as possible 😊

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Done! Followed your FB page. 🙂 🤘

Followed on Twitter my friend! What is an Instragram? LOL!

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I am active only in twitter so followed and even enabled notification because don't want to miss any update from OCD. Here's the screenshot-

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done on facebook :)





Good initiative. I just followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
I even invited friends on Facebook to follow.




Yeah let's get more people join steem

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Omg charge your phone! :P

That's great man! Every follow counts :)))

Done it :) Good that you posted about OCD because I've got question. I wish to delegate some of my SP to it and just wondering do I have to be on some whitelist to do that? Looking for some proper place to make my SP work and do profit. Thanks in advance :)

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You don't have to be whitelisted to delegate to @ocdb (which will give you daily returns of about 16-17% APR) @ocd won't return anything but your stake will be used to curate great authors. :)

Amazing :) that's what I need. Thank you for info :)

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What acid just said :P

Thanks Man!

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With pleasure. Followed :)

I followed Thegoodwhales on Twitter. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

Resteemed this article.

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Thanks for the shills and the follows man!

Followed on Twitter, don't have accounts on the facebook platforms!

Will I still get upvote @anomadsould and @acidyo??

Edit: oops wrong account

Guess I have to vote the comment cause I'm true to my promises :P

Yes I 100% agree, in order for mass adoption need more Marketing on other platform

Done on Facebook and already followed on Twitter earlier on (HAH, I am faster than you this time ;)
I have no Instagram unfortunately, I am not a complete sell-out ;)

If anyone can reach the masses, and raise blockchain awareness, it's the amazing minds at @ocd.

You guys rock, keep on rocking!!! 💪

What are those strange social medias you are talking about there? I don't have any account there.

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Done, done and Done! All three steps checked :)

Done all 3 :D
thegoodwhale 1.png

Hi friend @anomadsoul.

I agree with you, we should not refuse any opportunity to disclose Steemit's name, to take it more and more to people and that they know the advantages it offers. Even if this means resorting to traditional centralized social networks.

All best, Piotr.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.28.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.27.43 AM.png

Followed, actually the number of likes and followers are still quite low, should have more campaigns or events to boost up the numbers.