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Operation Curation Delegation, Original Content Distribution Bot and more things to come for the @ocd project. I'm currently halfway going through the many comments in the last OCDB recommendation post, there are probably 300 recommendations in total with 200 comments being vouches and thanking others for nominating them to the whitelist. We're happy to see the interest from our big Steem Community and we are dedicated to make the most out of the support we've received on our non-profit distribution bot.

While I do expect there to be some minor abuse from the wave of newcomers joining the whitelist once I'm finished going through them all and looking through their content on their accounts, I think it won't be so bad because the bigger the active whitelist becomes the more eyes there are on the content it is being used on. The risk of being removed from the whitelist and the incentive to bid on 10% profit votes on their posts will hopefully minimize the abuse a lot. While the active whitelist continues to grow now we will also be decreasing the daily max bid authors can purchase, depending on more delegations coming in or the price increasing that's really the only things that will increase the max bid again. Considering those two options are kind of difficult in the long run to increase since there's only so much Steem Power and although there is no real limit to the price of Steem we gotta be a bit realistic that over the long term the max bid will constantly keep decreasing to cover all demand. I hope the users who used OCDB during the beta when it was giving out about 50% ROI and when the whitelist was limited they were able to purchase ~130 Steem votes, have enjoyed their early adoption bonus.

OCD will on Monday restart the normal curation they do on original content creators who may be new and/or underrewarded. These users will now also be automatically whitelisted and will be notified of its existence and what it does. Even though OCD curators are currently the only ones adding new users to it we are hoping to grow with the rest of the community on Steem this year and increase the pace of how often we add people to the whitelist while still keeping any form of abuse as low and nonexistent as possible. We do realize that will be a difficult task to do but we are a community project after all so we are hoping that the community will help us keep the whitelist clean since they all are incentivized to do so in a way by using @ocdb.

Once we start seeing a lot more interest in Steem and we start running out of accounts to create we will also be making a referral program into the whitelist public, but for now I believe it is better to not mess with referrals as it may add another layer of incentives to cheat the current system we have and the consequences of doing that may not be as big if people create a lot of accounts they attempt to add themselves with to the whitelist. Anyway, once we start having the problems of too many users wanting in, we will be ready for it and even if our free claimed accounts have run out we're already thinking of ways on how to create free paid accounts for people wanting their Steem account and having to wait in a long queue. Luckily there is no queue right now, so make sure you get your friends a Steem account if you're reading this, it's not fun having to wait when you really want one.

Anyway, as some of my readers know I don't usually self-promote a lot, I should probably get some footers going at some point but I often even keep forgetting the Mew footer throwing acid on all the centralized platforms. I'm saying this cause I constantly keep getting asked still what OCD/B is and many seem to not fathom what non-profit means in our distribution bot. "yeah but you keep the curation rewars, right?" No, we do not, I'm not sure why this is so hard to grasp, maybe the other projects have really been making it tough for you guys, but delegating to @ocdb really means that we as the owners of the website and those who had two awesome devs spend their time on creating this for the greater good of the platform, take no rewards from it. If you delegate to it you will receive 90% of the rewards your SP generates (bids+curation) as if you were to selfvote yourself 9x a day, the last vote goes to the 3000+ authors that are using it daily and will create a healthy distribution for those wanting to power up and get more involved on our blockchain.

So to self-promote, follow @ocd. If you don't want to delegate to @ocdb because you like curating, that's great! We'd rather see people curate than delegate to our distribution bot or any other bots. To encourage more curation, @ocd has been and will continue to incentivize curators to vote on our compilation posts (the rewards go 100% to our curators) and then the authors we have curated which are different daily and will make it hard for bots to front-run you. So curating on our posts and the authors we select daily means you can receive more curation rewards because we will be voting on them with our accounts much later. If you have any questions about this, I can look for a post showcasing this but its straightforward curation rewards basics.

If you don't have much time to curate you can always delegate part of your SP to @ocdb, that would already increase your return from holding SP by a lot more than just the curation rewards. Again, we don't have much of an incentive to get as big as possible since there's no self-interest in @ocdb as its non-profit but there's a reason the account is almost at 4 million SP right now.

If you like what we do, our goals and mindset on the Steem blockchain, then please consider using one of your 30 witness votes onto our account @ocd-witness on steemit.com/~witnesses, we appreciate every user as we are here for the long run and know that we will be doing a lot for distribution. :)

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions if there is anything on your mind, but also join our discord server if you want to find out more about us and our community! There's some FAQ's and info in there.


Oh well. It's kind of weird but you said you give 100% of rewards to delegators, it has that "too good to be true" feeling about it but what I know?
I'd like to delegate some steempower but I feel so intimidated. Honestly, I know you're not begging and you have 4million SP but throwing in a "nothing is too small" statement somewhere.
Thirdly, I'd love to be a curator.

The nothing is too small was more about your vote for our witness, effectively two users here on the platform, myself and @anomadsoul with a very solid developer behind it who's doing a lot for Steem in the back-ground/end. :)

If you don't feel you have enough stake to delegate to @ocdb, we recommend you better use it to connect with other Steemians rather. You're easier to be heard if you use your voting power well no matter how big your steem account is.

We're curators by heart, ocdb is only something we wanted to contribute so that decent users who have felt bad about delegating to bid bots that create a crappy trending page get the chance to grow along with a similar speed to those doing that and hoping that when the time comes that things change they will be the ones that have more stake to go back to curation with compared to those only using their stake for themselves at all times. That will not help distribution much, unless you're selling Steem cheaply to investors who may or may not be whales which could lead to a weaker distribution.

wow I really butchered that last part, hope it's understood anyway. Need to get back to checking on the whitelist recommendations :P

I understand you to an extent, one last thing I need clarity for. Does this means the OCDB will be a curation thing that awards quality content but will also double as a philanthropic bidbot of sorts yeah?

You missed a golden opportunity for quick delegation links. I got 1000sp burning a hole in my wallet!

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Depending on which account you want to delegate with and if steemconnect is okay with you: https://app.steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=username&delegatee=ocdb&vesting_shares=2000000.000000%20VESTS

how cool, we just passed 1mv = 500sp!

I'll do it once my RC recharges. Claimed a few new accounts lately!

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We got over 10k on ocdb now, looking forward to putting those to good use!

Hey @acidyo I have seen the real growth in OCD/ B project . I am just wondering, if there is any minimum delegation amount or we can delegate any SP. I a unable to curate lately due to many personal stuff, if delegating to @ocdb can get me some return then I would say it is the best use of my SP. ....

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I am very grateful for the support provided from OCD, since I have always said that they are an excellent project to help good and undervalued content, and that makes them great within the community, good luck in new projects
And that continue to drive those users who want to grow in the community
Greetings 🙌

Looking forward to this next phase in my journey! The value creation will definitely attract more to the ecosystem to build upon a great foundation!

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I feel like the past few months OCD/B V2.0 was carefully build - a good thing to see :-) The scamming and quick profiting has become such a core identity of 'bots' that people find it hard to grasp what you guys are doing :-) They'll notice your presence soon enough and start researching more about it I hope :D Good luck on the relaunch!

A bunch of people still don't even know what OCDB is, so it might grow quite a bit, both in users and delegators. Maybe it's about time to make another post about delegating to OCDB, the rewards, etc.

Can't tell if sincere at the end of the sentence. :D

I am happy to see OCD starting up again and making even more of a difference in the community. You would have to be stupid to try and abuse OCDB as the white list is a privilege.

Glad to see the party starting again! Hopefully its a complete success and it runs without issues!

Cheers acid! @ocdb is great!

Liquid curation engineering.

I like yr footers!

That's great news @acidyo! Referral program is really interesting idea.

Yeah, but maybe later, for now we want our fair project to be incentive enough without referral rewards and that's been going great so far!

yes @acidyo thats absolutely going great and great

Just wanted to say thank you for pushing the SCI-FI Contest reminder a little bit. I highly appreciate it! Thanks man!

this is great news abot ocdb
and dear @acidyo the refferal progam is great and intersting idea which brings more users

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Good to hear that curation will start again as I'm sure many dedicated and quality authors could do with that little help and push.

I recently dumped a bunch of delegations that were no longer in line with my delegation philosophy. I will increase my delegation to this bot in a week or so after I see how the bot changes are doing. I hope a lot more SP goes towards supporting decent bots or initiatives. I've noticed too much going to whatever maximizes gains and ultimately it's a bad strategy.
Keep on curating.

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Can't for OCD normal curation. You guys helps so many Steemian to grow up. You guys rocks!

Keep growing.

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good luck @acidyo, fingers crossed you find devoted ones, those that resonate with your aims in curating!

I like what you are doing on #steem. I want to ask, Is there any difference delegating to @ocd and @ocdb? Explain if there is please. I hope whitelisting many authors will reduce abuse of the system.

Thanks @Acidyo and your entire team.

Amazing to see a project purely built for the ecosystem & not profits.

Not suggesting everything be this way, many things obviously can't be, but seeing you & your group put effort & care into something you all believe in is a great morale boost! Keep it up :^) 👍

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İm a white man so u must add me to white list sir

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Resteemed this article.

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