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Some of my followers may recognise the trend here, I am focusing on FREE coin offers for everyone here to take advantage off!

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Here's my list of 20 different offers for you all:

There's over $330 dollars worth just from 11 of the offers above, most of these prices are Pre-Launch, aim to hodl for a 3x, 5x, 10x profit!

Create an excel spreadsheet and keep a track of the free cryptos you sign up for and check company site on a weekly basis.

Please re-steem, follow and upvote as it motivates me more to find you all great deals!

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I’m all about free cryptos from faucets and promotions and what not. @swt3df1

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Thanks for sharing. However, they just spam pop up ads for the most part. LegitCoin looks like a good one. Still waiting on a confirmation Email though.

The faucet do contain adverts but you just have to just ignore them when your collecting your claims.

The first 15 offers in my list should not contain any pop-up ads but will require to complete the captchas!