Original song "Venezuela"

in #ocd-resteemlast month

Here is my new song "Venezuela." I think it's a pretty friendly audience here that really dislikes big government? I remember how many Venezuelans were on here when I joined in 2017 hoping to find an external income source with what was going down there.

We'll see. YouTube write-up with lyrics below. Subscribe there to keep on top of things, although I'll keep posting here semi-regularly.

What is socialism? What exactly happened in Venezuela? Is "democratic socialism" the same as the socialism veering toward communism, and its wreckage that we are seeing in Venezuela? Could it ever come to our countries? Do we know what we stand to lose?

Venezuela is a big warning to us. As a millennial Catholic conservative, I'll be sharing more songs and thoughts on this topic in the coming weeks. As a Canadian often working in the US and who has friends all over the world, this is something that has been burning in my heart to talk and sing about for years. Now is the time. There is so much work to do, so much to be said.

Fun fact? The virus reference in this song came to me before the Coronavirus started threatening. They are eerily tied up--at the very least, deeply metaphorically. Lyrics below.

P.S. I'm not always hyper-serious. We'll see how things go here!

This is part of an ongoing "song theme" series I'll be doing throughout 2020 with regular commentary. I'll be sharing the gamut from politics, culture, and art, to love, injustice, and true humanity.

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In 10 years flat
The virus spread
Don’t mention it on the news,
But there isn’t any bread

Colourful dancers
Beautiful women
Vibrance, I remember
Now survival-living

We get just what we ask for
Even if it’s tragic


The government loves you
Takes everything you have
Promises the future
And gives you nothing back

They’re spouting off their lies
As your children starve
Bloodshed in the streets
But do not be alarmed

We get just what we ask for
Even if it’s tragic


It’s coming for you
If you don’t fight back
The virus spreads
In 10 years flat

We get just what we ask for
Even if it’s tragic
We get just what we ask for
Even if it's a bad trip


Copyright Kay Clarity, 2020.


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Thanks for this, so beautiful like u! kiss

Hi Kay: It has been a great pleasure to read and hear you!
The beginning of the music of this song made me think of María Rivas (singer that I suppose you should have met with high-quality Urban Music).
Thank you for your strength, for your commitment, for putting part of your art at the service of beautiful feelings and especially for your critical words and hopes.
Best regards and hug from Venezuela @kayclarity

Thank you so much for commenting, Marcy! I appreciate it, and I'm so sorry for what's happened in your beloved country. My heart is truly with you and all Venezuelans.

I'll have to listen to Maria Rivas! A big hug to you also!

Hi Kay Today I had the unpleasant surprise because videos of María Rivas are blocked in Venezuela (I don't know why).
If you can see this link, the first song is written by Alí Primera and María Rivas makes a great version!

Other songs that I like do not have access. María Rivas placed her voice for urban music, jazz, bossa nova and the new Venezuelan wave.


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