Magick Squares for Sigil Creation

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In Chaos Magick, it's common to hear about people making sigils in the modern and traditional way. If you don't know about it, here is a great tutorial from a friend of mine: the power of sigils and manifestation. If you like it be sure to upvote and follow him!

The point of my article is to explore my theory of the roots of this now-modern magick. Magick Squares. Like most Kaotes in modern times, the ancient practitioners of the hidden arts understood the power of their subconscious mind (even if they didn't use those words!). They understood "Tacere" (to be silent) meant more than keeping your mouth shut about what your workings are... it meant keeping your mind silent as well. As an occultist, it is very important not to do a working and then kill it with doubts and minor changes. If I do a working to get a great job, I don't want to keep having doubts about if it will work or not because that energy will cancel out my working. You should do your working and then let it be.

Even better, what if you could do your working, not think about it... AND continue to give it more energy every day?! Awesome, right? Well, ancient occultists knew that they could with the use of sigils.


In their minds, each heavenly body represented an influence over their reality (people used to look upwards more back then). With each planet was a corresponding number. Saturn is 3. The Sun is 6. etc. They then devised a way to perfect their numbers with each planet, giving us squares that look like this:


Take out the old calculator and start adding up numbers. You will find that each row and each column equal the same number! Experiment with trying to put the numbers in a different order. Besides rotating the square, you can't. All the numbers will end up where they are.

Fun Fact: each row of the Sun adds up to 111. There are six rows. 666 is the number of the beast. It's also the number of the "Sun" of God, so play down that rabbit hole if you'd like :)


To make a sigil is super easy.

Step 1: select which heavenly body would best benefit your working and select the corresponding square.
Step 2: count the columns of that square. If it's 3, write 1 2 3. If it's 5, write 1 2 3 4 5. etc.
Step 3: next start writing out the alphabet in the columns of your numbers like this:
1 2 3 4 5 6
a b c d e f
g h i j k l
m n o p q r
s t u v w x
y z

Step 4: Now start giving each letter of your word/name a number. So "success" would be 1 3 3 3 5 1 1
Step 5: Now start drawing your sigil on the square. start with a circle, end with a dash. If you have to touch the same number multiple times in a row, put in little divits. Finally, trace your sigil onto a clean piece of paper. This picture demonstrates an example of these techniques and what your final product could look like.


Step 6: That's it! Put this sigil on your "weapons", your clothing, your wall, ejaculate on it to charge it, sing to it... whatever you feel will give it the proper energy. That sigil is yours now!

Questions? Let me know them!

PS, in our home, we have print outs of the magick squares shown at the top of this post placed inside of clear page protectors. Then we use a dry erase marker to trace out the sigil. It's quick, easy, and saves paper :D


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Nice explanation in plain English. My sister is a non-denominational witch and recently shared something similar on sigil work. Seeing that I deal more with metaphysics, I find using them cumbersome. Other than concealing the message, what use have they over using words— other than that they feel more magical because they look cool. Reading lifetimes of work of sages, mystics, esoterics, and others; I often see things as overcomplicated. Perhaps they understood the emotional power of superstition? In and of itself, superstition can empower intentions, concerns, etc. I feel as though that extra energy is wasted sometimes. I recognize the extra energy of ritual- action is strong and concise. All of the energy in creating the sigil, the time focusing on what's being done, the mindset in the process is all charging. But what are the benefits over pure will? We know this will be, because it will, and that's all there is to it. This reality arises from a quantum field smaller than any boundaries we imagine. Other than to not forget, why bother?

Real question :)