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Hey there people of the Steem blockchain!!.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain falling, I am almost certain that there is no better way to wake up in this world... Well except waking next to the one you love ofcourse. But when it rains I get this calm soothing feeling over my spirit and I frikkin love it. Almost like the rain is healing you and that earthy scent going about im the air is to die for!.

And to top it off we had some good rain aswell, some parts of the country actually had mini floods which is actually kind of scary, I watched some of the videos and how the roads aren't washed away I dont know but luckily they are not😊

Just look at that amazing rolled out cloud stretched across the horizon!. One can actually see the coldness in that cloud.



Look at this bugger passed out like its going out of style here😂 haha sometimes I can laugh at this little doggy he just passes out at the most random places on the most random objects in the most random way😂 and then when you wake him all the hair on the side of his face which he laid on is totally messed up and then he has this sleepy look on his face which is just too damn cute to resist.😂😂



A picture of an old termite nest that is starting to wash away. I am sure there are still termites living inside of this nest but they are hiding really good haha.

The photo is edited ofcourse with a bit details added which shows the grains of sand a bit clearer.

I actually took this photo a while back and it got lost in the files throughout the weeks! But atleast its here now hey.

Last but not least... Mad love to all the peeps making the HIVE blockchain better! We would have been lost without the support of all the witnesses that stood together in order to save our way of doing things from the communist justin sun.

Hehehe ok he is no communist😂😂

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