Day 32 of 35~ * Lockdown Diary * Fixing Some Fences * Working In Sunshine * Farmland Tales *

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Hey there people of the Steem world.

So our nationwide lockdown is almost at an end, geez Louis I can not wait to go out and about, although we still have strict measures in place and a curfew from 8pm till 5am everyday which I find is very needed. But lets hope to beat this virus together.. All nations.

Sooo what am I holding here... Yeah barbed wire. Today... Well we had some work to do today. I went out into the field and came across this broken fence... And boy it was damaged real good. So we are going to start from one side and fix all of the fences on the farm and well after its all fixed we can probably get some livestock here again. Start small hey.

Well it was a hot day with some hard work, but we've made real good progress today and for that I am thankfull, im just glad we could get this barbed wire of the ground.. It might aswell have been this wire that cut up the horse so badly. I have no idea why these fences were never fixed in the first place with all these horses roaming on the farm. But atleast we are here to do it now.

Thinking about getting gloves for this job😂after a days work you can really feel those spikes still you know spiking😭😅... And its slower work without gloves so im just thinking abiut saving some time.


It looks pretty busted up hey, dammit... I didnt get a photo of where its fixed... Eyyy only think of that now🙄.


Its really weird though... We left with more wire than with what we came with. Isnt it supposed to be the other way around👀 Like where did all this barbed wire come from damnnnn.

I geuss you can never have enough wire hey.. Especially living on a farm.

Hehe so this is just a bonus, my doggy snuck out haha and now he wants back into the yard but the cat says no😂😂 now he is looking at me like heyyyy dude come on... Come and get me broh... Please... I dont lole it out here... Lol imagine.

Anyways peeps stay safe and keep doing the social distancing.

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