Day 30 of 35~ Burning Some THC * Phased Re-Opening Of Our Economy * A Hurt Horse Slowly Healing *

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Hey there people of the HIVE!

This week certainly has been a joy ride of good news😊📰 our government has decided to start a phased re-opening of the economy so some business can start up again. I myself is lucky enough to be working in a sector that will be opening again on the 1st of may, now keep in mind not all businesses sectors will start up again etc sports and bars will remain closed. The sale of alcohol will remain prohibited although cigarettes sales will be permitted again. None the less those dont bother me at all, I smoke weed and thats that. Maybe a craft beer here and there but my love for alcohol is not great, my love for beer and weed though hey hehe. Yeah I know beer contains alcohol, but bear with me😂🍻🐻.

So yeah well atleast I can go back to work, getting my normal lifestyle routine back up and running, make a few bucs hey. There are still curfews in place from 8pm till 5am in the mornings but hey atleast I can see my wifey before I return home.

I got this nug from a buddy that lives close by, well im on a mission to smoke this one now😊 I know its not the best and cleanest nug, but if it works it works😁👌


Sapphire the horse that cut her hoof open. Yeahp.. She wants to get into this house, her long peaky nose wont leave it alone, I dunno if she smells something inside here but damn. Oh the foot is looking alot better.. Like Im suptised at how good it looks actually. Will try and post photos sometime. Not for the faint hearted though.


So im sure alot of you know of my little beast boy, Benji.... Well Benji is all passed out.. Almost like he drank too much.. Perhaps he got a load of a mushroom somewhere in the field😂😂🍄


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