Day 24 of 35~ The Burning Horizen * Telltales of Passing Storms * Photography and Plantography *

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Hey there people of the HIVE!

Another day of lockdown survived haha guys this is becoming alot to bear now I honestly can not wait to be out and about, to drive my motorcycle around tight corners, to be able to laugh with a big group of people and just enjoy company again. Haha damn people almost hey almost.

I took this photo here on the farm its a storm going on in the distance, it did not pass over our area hehe well weve been getting alot of rain lately so I cant complain. Anyhow its really nice to live out here, to be able to see how the weather moves around and shifts from one place to another, to feel the wind through your hair every day. To be honest at first I thought the horizen was on fire, hehe luckily not hey, it made for a beautiful photo though. It kind of gives me a glimpse of how it must look in a war zone with everything burning around for miles. Thankful for peace in our country.




A old dirt road leading down to a water purifying plant, its actually right next to our Horse's grazing fields. So yeah weve got water over here atleast and alot aswell, all we need to pump it out of the ground is a solar panel or two then we can go off grid... Hella yeahhhhh!

Daily plantography and I chose this beautiful green cactai as the winner. I should actually make a cactai garden hmmmm that would be a very good idea.


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