Day 17 of 35~ Lockdown Diary * The Tallest Tree Is The Dead Tree * A Horse's Eye Tells A Story * Model Airplane Done Only Needs Some Paint *

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Hey there people of the HIVE.

So peeps its the end of anotheer productive week and a lazy weekend. Time for a fresh week ahead and time to get some stuff done around the farm. Im trying to keep my sleeping schedule the same so that means getting up early in the weekdays and well yeah dontt really bother for the weekends, its just so that when we fall back on the daily routine of our busy and rushed life's it won't be thay much of a bummer to get up in the morning and so on.. Mehh I dunno once work starts again I think we will be missing this stay at home thing hey guys and gals.

I went out again today to snap some beautiful photos on the camera, every now and then I need to be reminded that a cellphone would never be able to take as beautiful pictures as a legit camera. None the less I was reminded once again today.

This tree is more or less in the center of our farm, it has 4 other trees next to him down in a straight line, this is the tallest on of them all and hence why its the only dead one of the 5, you see every time a storm passes over the farm it gets hit by lightning ok.. Probably not everytime but it sure as hell sounds like it... Its a beautiful spot to get some fancy photos at.




Now in this photo I was trying to snapshot how much emotion there is on a horse's eye.. Hmmm but now when looking at it again my horse kinda looks sad haha but I doubt she is really xD... Shes got a huge field to graze in and she is not alone, hmmm I wonder if she maybe wants me to ride her🤔🤔. I Should perhaps get a saddle on her back soon hey.

Ok so today I finalized the A-37B Dragonfly model airplane. Every small part and big part is now fitted to it. All that needs doing now is painting it the correct set of colours and with that said.. Painting the correct set of colours correctly will be a big mission seeing that one needs a very steady hand for such task, but none the less they wont be placed inside a museum soo hehe I geuss I can make some mistakes hey guys. After all it will not look very pretty after im done with it, hehe but once he is done I can move on to the next one.

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