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Hey there people of the HIVE.

So today was probably not the best day for most South Africans. Tonight at 8pm our president Cyril Ramaphosa announced that our nation wide lockdown will be extended another 2 weeks beyond the initial 3week period, so we now currently have a 5 week lockdown. I do know that this is for the safety of our people and to prevent massice lifeloss, but im afraid our livelyhoods will be in danger during this period. The main problem being our economy being in a very fragile state and this is going to throw a direct punch straight to our economy. The rand has already started to drop while he was still busy giving his speech, granted not much but any drop is not good.

This is the time to put all our differences aside and stand together as a nation! Just for once! I wish everyone goodluck out their and safekeeping we have some tough times ahead of us but come on SA weve been through worse hey.




An update on the Datsun pickup project. Today I grinded the one side panel of the pickup, it was quite a timely process as I did not want to cut through anything that might weaken the structure of the chassis. Now the challenge wasnt removing the big piece of the panel.. The big problem is removing all the left over pieces on the edges thats tick welded to the chassis without making a thousand dents into the framework. Hehe but thats a challenge for tomorrow, I have a piece of metal that would act as a chissel to split the metal and ofcourse a handy grinder that could always be used here and there. If all goes well I will be removing the right side aswell.



Sheezzzzzz look at all this dirt coming out from the inside of the body haha this was definitely a pickup used on a farm.

After that me and my Stepdad had a little braai to end the busy day with, as he had his own hand full of problems. A few days ago I posted about one of our horses cutting his hoof open, well we had a ferrier here today to put a horse shoe onto that hoof as the hoof was splitting and the shoe helps to hold the hoof in place and we also wrapped it with some decent bandaids like real strong stuff. I pray to God that this would help heal up the hoof. Well atleast the meat is together now and it can grow together.

No hoof, no horse.


And I ofcourse had to post the moon again. Im sad that it never shows the true beauty of the moon in a picture.. Especially one taken in a photo. But none the less the moon was a bright orange and it looked so majestic. Damnnnnn I wish I could get a photo of how it really looked. Eish.


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