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RE: Share your Steem posts on Twitter and win @ocd and @ocdb votes!

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Hi Eric,

Since i decided to be a blogger and not a project creator my posts are getting better payments and i am enjoying the visibility, I will start doing this not for the additional 10% or whatever the incentive is, but as a way to say thanks for considering my revised approach to content worthy of OCD curation.

(Hell i wish i was a bot maker so i could make an automatic plugin to share my posts on twitter.)

So if i understand properly:

On twitter: #steemit or #steempeak
On Steem: #oc or #posh

I just did my latest post for testing, and realized steempeak is not pulling the first image, gonna try the steemit link but would be great if that could be solved.




I dont know if it is only me...

I visited yours and the image shows :(

The difference i see is that you shared it form the phone, going to give it a try to check and confirm (with all the intention to help in case this is happening to others.)

Update: Tried from the phone and picture wont show neither
Did you manually add the picture ?

I edited the post to remove the ![image ] of the first picture, still no luck
I am out of things to try.

I believe there is someone who already made a bot for that, I think I saw it on the tag #posh :D

Yes, #steem and #steemit or #steempeak for twitter and #oc and #posh for steem posts.

I can see the image, that's weird :/