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Talk about a comedy of errors and ending up with an abundant blessing!

A couple of week ago I booked tickets online to a live Aaron McIlroy comedy show ADHD scheduled for Tuesday 4 November. I printed the tickets, popped them into my bag and did not look at them again.
So last night, a Tuesday night, but not 4 November, we picked up our friends and off we went to watch ADHD;)
The usher did not pick up the error, just tore the bottom half off our tickets and showed us to our seats; the fun started soon thereafter when another group arrived with the same seat numbers.


When I checked my tickets, I realized my blunder; we were a week early, so we hastily retreated.

The congenial and very amused young theatre manager refused to let us leave; offering us complimentary seats which we initially declined but he insisted as it wasn't a full house that evening.
We only then realized that the current show was the 1930s Noel Coward classic comedy Private Lives.
We had the giggles before the show even started after my comedy of errors which was turned around into a wonderful gift - a ravishing production, gorgeous costumes and sumptuous scenery all made for a wonderful evening; totally unexpected of course as we were going to just leave quietly, find a place to drown our sorrows (a coffee shop not a bar mind you) and come back next week for the show ADHD; a condition I am now convinced I suffer from!
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Afterwards the conversation steered towards past blunders.

Hubby had to attend an old friend’s funeral service; however after the service started he looked around and did not recognize anyone in the church. Opening up the funeral service pamphlet he realized he was at the wrong church and of course the wrong funeral! He had to sit through the service but sadly could not make his friend’s funeral as it was already too late to get to that church on time!

Our friends told of when they were invited to a high profile wedding of the celebrated Ladysmith Black Mambaza’s Joseph Shabalala as our friend was doing a sculpture of Joseph at the time.
They arrived at the chapel, sat down and were a tad puzzled as this was a very low key affair; no celebs around and when a bridal couple walked in that they did not know from a bar of soap, they realized their faux pas. They sat through the service and congratulated the happy couple who were quite perplexed about who this lone white couple was!
The real wedding was two hours later with the bridal couple arriving among glitz and glamour in a helicopter but at least our friends were there on time ;);)
It would be amiss of me not to tell you about the artist whose work I’ve shown here – the walls of the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre are adorned with the cartoonist Jock Leyden’s work.

Leyden was a highly respected international sports cartoonist who later branched into theatre as he became concerned about the lack of publicity for the founder of this theatre, Prof Elizabeth Sneddon's productions.
His theatre cartoons appeared in a local newspaper, The Daily News, and often gave a production more exposure than the most admiring review. He was easily identifiable at shows sitting in the front row, head down and drawing furiously.

Onto some life-changing stuff happening right here on Steemit - do check out @ericvancewalton’s current mindfulness series Mindful Moments and start changing your life for the better.
This series coincidently…or not…started just about the same time that a friend invited me to a 21 Days of Abundance/ Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra.
We all need to become more mindful and through that we will find abundance and by that I don’t just mean silver and gold; abundance also is about the people and experiences in our lives such as we found last night through my comedy of errors!

The world is slowly becoming more aware of changing mindsets for a better future, and I recently came across the Mindful Music Moments which I found truly inspiring!
If we can teach our children to meditate from a young age we are giving them and the people whose lives they're going to touch the best gift ever!

I quote:

Mindful Music Moments marries mindfulness techniques and classical music for a daily ritual for schools. Students K-12 enjoy finding time to calm and focus while developing an appreciation for classical, opera and new music. The program grew 2000% in one year and is expected to keep growing! Visit The Well for more information.


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I really enjoyed these stories Lizelle! It sounds like the theater ticket blunder ended up being a gift in disguise! Sometimes these kinds of things interject more fun and adventure into our lives.

I have one for you. A friend of mine (@luckyfellow) and flew to Chicago for a buddy trip about fifteen years ago. We flew into one of Chicago's two main airports, O'Hare. After an amazing weekend of sightseeing, good food, and live jazz we hopped into a taxi (these were the days before Uber) and rode back to O'Hare airport reminiscing about the weekend with plenty of time to spare.

We waited in the long line to check our luggage. When our turn came up the ticketing agent told us we were at the wrong airport! The budget airline we were flying booked our arrival at O'Hare and our departing flight out of Chicago's second airport, Midway.

We had less than an hour before our flight took off at the other airport. We ran to the taxi stand and explained our ordeal to the cab driver. He took off like a bat out of [email protected] and drove us 80+ mph on the freeway to get us to that airport on time. We made it with just a few minutes to spare. Needless to say that taxi driver got a HUGE tip (and I pay way more attention now to tickets and other details when I travel).

We were both pretty poor back then so a last minute plane ticket wouldn't have been an option. If we missed that plane we would have been coming back on the Greyhound bus.

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Oh my word, I can just imagine the panic stations; thank goodness you were early and the taxi driver knew his job or you may have ended up on the Greyhound;)
We actually took a trip on one of those buses soon after retirement as I'd never been on one and thought it would be nice seeing more of the countryside as someone told me they enjoyed their ride! Well, we chose the luxury liner and everything was hunky dory till the aircon started leaking on our side of the coach; fortunately this happened close to our destination and it was summertime. We all had a good laugh at the contraptions the passengers and crew came up with to try and divert the water; no one had an umbrella:):)
Then on our trip back we were told we could sit anywhere on the top level as it was empty; when we made a stop halfway, an odd honeymoon couple got on and we were in their seats! You know the Jerry Springer show types? He was young, she was an old gal and we simply moved to other seats without any fuss but this odd young man was fussing, kept on explaining to us why they had to sit in those seats; we said no worries but it took quite a while for him to calm down and sit with his bride, that was really weird! Needless to say, I had my adventure and that was our first and last Greyhound experience:)

Panic is right! We still laugh about that adventure all these years later.

Whoa, your bus experience sounds like an interesting one! I wonder why they needed to have those particular seats?

Oh my! But at least you enjoyed the show my friend.
Most often what we see as blunders in life are meant to be and I always look for messages in them. I think that very few humans can say that they have never made a blunder in their lives.
Your post here with the nice cartoon drawings certainly lends a lighter side to it.

Oh we had such a fun evening, and I agree with you about blunders often turning into great experiences! Maybe it's telling me to slow down a little and look at things more carefully?

Hahaha, maybe it is my my friend, but it doesn't work in our case, as we have become used to blundering along. And coping with the results hahaha.

I am not laughing at your errors honestly, I am laughing because i have done similar to your hubby but to a wedding not a funeral, only when the bride walked in did we realize why we did not recognize anyone there ;)

Oh dear, I think we can all tell a story like that not so! At least we can still go and see the show, imagine if it was supposed to be the week before;)

That was a plus and you got also to see another show so it all ended up very well in the end ;)

AND we won RWC, how amazing was that:):):)

Congrats on the Win, I will be watching the game shortly but from what I have read they played an amazing game and were well and truly deserving of the win

Wow amazing it certainly was, you're sure to enjoy the game! !tip

Wow amazing it
Certainly was, you're sure to
Enjoy the game! !tip

                 - lizelle

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It was a great game and your team truly deserved the win

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                 - tattoodjay

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Oh my goodness what a hoot. That was nice of them to let you stay! Loved this post. Funny and human. Sad about your hubby missing the funeral.

Good to see you starting the Deepak Chopra thing. @vincentnijman and I started but I just couldnt lock into committing due to busy life.

Wondering if you know of tags #mindfullife and #mindfulmonday, or that support these tags on our front end? They only get pulled onto front end if you use #naturalmedicine as one of 10 tags but thought you would like to know. There are quite a few meditators on Steem.. @porters, @tryskele, @bewithbreath, @raj808, and many more. Xxx

  ·  13 days ago (edited)

It was such a fun evening! I've done one week of the 21 days, stumbled a bit when I had to form my own group but carried on, it can get a bit hectic committing fully when one is busy. Thanks for advising on the tags and the meditators, much appreciated!

2 for the price of 1, great night out by the sounds of it Lizelle, now to enjoy the actual show next week.

Perhaps what happened, was meant to happen, needless my sons would say it is the 60+ thingy....

Love the old art, thanks for sharing brought a smile today remembering how popular clip art was, enjoy your meditation not something I sit down to specifically do except when I go into the garden to unwind.

It was a very surprising but awesome evening, I think your sons are right, I blame it on the grey hairs;);)
I'm really looking forward to Aaron McIlroy, he's so funny! Thank you for popping in Joan:)

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All art photography is very meaningful

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It is indeed, thank you @shuvo35!

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