Ice cream and boat photography art creation

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Hello everyone here's a picture I created out of two photographs one of a Ice cream van and the other one of a boat and I created this amazing artwork I will be more and more creative you are going to see a lot more of this ice cream van PicsArt_01-04-10.16.30.jpg

Here's another version I created out of the two which one is your favourite one
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The ice cream van is going to pop up everywhere huh? :)

I was going to create more pictures with the ice cream van I'm now thinking about leaving steemit powering down and moving on to something better

Ah ok, was nice knowing you for the short time then. All the best.

Thanks if you use Instagram follow me there @kgakakillerg 👍🏾

I don't unfortunately...Or FB, just steem. Still, all the best and if you come back look me up. 🖖

Ok I will post now and again if I can be asked

Long run on sentence. You need more punctuation.


Hello everyone, here's a picture I created out of two photographs. One of an Ice cream van and the other one of a boat. I created this amazing original artwork, & I will be creating more of this ice cream van.

See how the punctuation makes easier to read by breaking up the different ideas. That's why @gtg flagged it! (I assume) Get some help proofreading and just try harder working on your grammar and you will surely succeed on steemit. Nice ice cream van btw - upvoted!!

I'm just going to leave might post now and again

Good luck! Yeah post now and then, I'm sure he's not going to always flag you. He used to flag me, but he stops! See you around! They used to flag me for grammar too, that's why I know. I messed up your and you're once and Got hell for it! But i learned from it and it was helpful after all!!

Thanks if you use Instagram follow me @kgakakillerg

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