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RE: Don't Look Now - Your STEEM Account Was Stolen!

in #oc8 months ago

Wow, that sucks but it sounds like you got most or all of it back? That would be great because most of the time when I see that someone has gotten hacked, they have lost it all. It's very bad that this happened to you and you aren't aware of anything you did that would kick it off.

It'll be really bad if someone can do this without us doing something first!


@free-reign - I lost everything I had that was liquid (both the STEEM and the SBD) but it's wasn't that much since STEEM is so low right now. It was my SP that they tried to power down that really freaked me out. I'm sure I must have done something - the alternative is too scary to contemplate! I just really can't remember clicking on anything and providing my key - I use keychain for everything.

It's still great to hear that you kept your SP! Do most people who are victimized usually hold on to the SP? It still has to sting, but if you have all your SP, it's awesome good news!

@free-reign - I don't know many people's stories about what happened to them, so maybe it was a good thing I wrote this one to tell about my experience. You'd only be able to hold on to your SP if you were able to recover your account. I was able to do that because of Steemit's Account Recovery tool and the fact that I had access to my owner's keys. If you couldn't get your account back, the thief would power down your SP, like they immediately did with mine, and just wait for it to get into the wallet, then steal it as well. Plus they would have continued to be able to steal all the earnings from my posts that came in after they had gained control. I know that a couple of other places that make accounts for you have recovery tools in place, but I don't know if they all do.