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RE: Don't Look Now - Your STEEM Account Was Stolen!

in #oc5 months ago

Hi @blueeyes8960

That must be very stresful experience. However I'm not sure how could you wallet be empty if you had powered up your STEEM. Wallet cannot be "cleared" before powering down everything. And it takes weeks.

I tried logging in with my Master Owner's account, but nope, everything thing had been changed.

Oh shit. Even knowing your own master key didn't help ?

Glad to know you managed to get things on the right track! Upvote on the way. Catch :)

Yours, Piotr


@crypto.piotr - my SP was not gone, though they had started the power down - only my liquid STEEM and my SBD was transferred out to another account and stolen. If I hadn't gotten control back through Steemit they would have eventually been able to siphon it all out. So somehow they were able to change ALL my keys, even my master owner key. That's some scary stuff right there!
Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the upvote and the comment!