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Forbes covers Obyte

March is off to a wonderful start with Obyte being covered in Forbes! The author did a good job of explaining how the Obyte DAG could solve blockchain's current flaws and enable future mainstream mass adoption. It's very promising to see a prominent media outlet like Forbes cover Obyte.

New exchange listing

Obyte will be listed on a top 10 exchange (by CoinMarketCap volume) within a few weeks. This may bring increased liquidity to Bytes.

New wallet functionality

A new wallet has not been released for a while as we have been working on significant improvements to its functionality and scope. We hope to release this very soon, certainly before the end of March, and probably much sooner.

First OIP

We are starting to use OIP (Obyte improvement proposal) framework for protocol upgrades. The framework is similar to BIPs (Bitcoin improvement proposals) in Bitcoin. The first OIP is submitted that proposes an extension of Obyte consensus protocol which allows the nodes to reach consensus about the current timestamp. The value of the consensus timestamp can be used by smart contracts without relying on oracles.

Ledger optimizations

Some recent optimizations have been applied to the Obyte ledger. A new (still experimental) branch in our github repo makes node syncing faster, especially on units that reference data feeds. This affects only a small number of transactions, but these transactions could seriously deteriorate average sync speed before.

In short, the new version is faster! A full node of 35 Gigabytes can now be synced in around 1.5 days.

Note: due to lack of mass real world adoption by any cryptocurrency yet, the Obyte network runs at a small percentage of current capacity. Therefore, unlike some other projects, most of our development time is not spent on making something faster that is already much faster than needed. The recent optimizations were done to speed up the initial sync of a full node, not to try and beat the Visa transactions per second number.

Future of blockchain

Some members of the team attended the Blockchain Future Festival last week in Stuttgart. Developer Evgeniy Stulnikov demonstrated some of the IoT payment channel functionality he has been working on recently with Bosch coffee machines.

Luke Angell, Events and Partnerships Manager, gave a presentation on how the future of blockchain is not blockchain (hint - it might be Obyte DAG). We have not received a video yet from the conference, but you can see Luke's presentation on Slideshare.

Obytify yourself

Want to have your face in the O for your social media accounts? Try Obytify! It’s a simple tool you can use to put your face in the O. See Tarmos Twitter header here to see how it looks.

New witness candidates

We have recorded video interviews with two new witness candidates, and expect to publish at least the first one on our YouTube channel within a week or two. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.


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