Help Needed With Setting Up OBS/Zoom/Voicemeeter Banana Audio

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Sheep in distress!

I have what seems like a pretty easy robot problem to fix. The thing is, searching online produces gibberish results because there's no good way to phrase the question, and none of my techy friends are available.

So, I thought I’d just throw it out here and see if anyone can help. If you don't know the answer but are connected to someone who might, please pass this along.

Here are the specifics:

• I am using an HP laptop running Windows 10
• I have the latest versions of OBS, Zoom and Voicemeeter Banana installed and configured correctly so that when I run all 3 together (along with audio from Spotify and/or YouTube) I can hear my meeting guests and the music/video in my earphones
• I am able to record all of the combined audio in OBS clearly

Here’s The Question:

How do I make it so that my meeting guests can hear the Spotify and/or YouTube audio on their end in the Zoom?

I would do a bunch more explaining about what I’ve tried but for clarity’s sake, I’ll leave it at that for now. If someone out there has experience with this specific setup, please comment below and we’ll move the conversation over to a DM or voice call wherever you feel most comfy talking.

Please halp!

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Think you explained it very clearly. You're getting much closer than anyone has in the last year. Amazing working with you... don't know what I'll dow once Ewe goes Supra-Nova.

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What do you mean "when"? Pffft! Oh and it's spelled sEWEpernova, just btw.



Incensed with the GERM-AN-8-er...

And Shepoodled!