Nyak Sandang to meet with President Joko Widodo

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JAKARTA - The desire Nyak Sandang to meet with President Joko Widodo finally materialized. President receives Nyak Sandang at Merdeka Palace on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at around 18:25 pm.
Nyak Sandang came accompanied by two children, Maturidi and Khaidar. They flew from Aceh on Tuesday.
"This is Mr. Jokowi, Father, he is very happy to meet the President," Maturidi said, translating Nyak Sandang during a conversation with the President using the Acehnese language. In his meeting with the Head of State Nyak Sandang also expressed several requests to the President. One of them
on assistance for cataract surgery.
"Well, I'll take care of it for cataracts, cataracts light operation, tomorrow please check with the hospital for cataracts," said the President.
In addition, Nyak 91-year-old was asked to make a mosque in his village in Lamno, Aceh. The President also replied that later will be sent a team to check the conditions there.
His third request was to perform the pilgrimage. "Want to go hajj if it can be this year, because it is old," continued Maturidi.
Related to this, the President said that he would seek it and coordinate with the Minister of Religious Affairs. While waiting for the certainty of hajj departure, the President also offered to umroh first.
"Given the hajj there is a queue, I will discuss with the Minister of Religious Affairs," said the President.
Nyak Sandang then showed evidence of the 1950 Indonesian Government bonds he had to the President. As is known, Nyak Sandang is one of the people who contribute donated his wealth to buy the first plane of Indonesia.
It originated in 1948 when President Sukarno visited the land of Aceh in search of funds for the purchase of the first aircraft after Indonesia's independence. Nyak Sandang, who was then aged 23 years old with his parents sold a patch of land and 10 grams of gold. Her valued Rp100 was handed over to the state.
President Sukarno also received donations from the people of Aceh as much as SGD 120 thousand and 20 kg of pure gold to buy two aircraft named Seulawah R-001 and Seulawah R-002. The two aircraft are the embryo of Garuda Indonesia Airways airline.
At the end of the conversation, Nyak Sandang was grateful to the President.
"Thank you Mr. President has had time for us," said Nyak Sandang.

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Source: https://news.okezone.com/read/2018/03/21/337/1876190/nyak-sandang-penyumbang-dana-untuk-beli-pesawat-pertama-indonesia-bertemu-jokowi

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Semoga apa yg di cita2kan oleh nyak sandang tercapai, keinginannya untuk menunaikan ibadah haji bisa difalitasi oleh pak jok....

Dan allah mengabulkannya.