Jim Carrey trying to expose the illuminati on Jimmy Kimmel

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This is an old video but people need to understand that these once in a while celebs are trying to expose these people. While the audience laughs like a bunch of sheep. Kimmel sits there with this stupid smile on his face trying to go along with it.
For the new comers just starting to research this type of stuff. Illuminati Puppets like JimCarrey often put the truth out through humor, thus making the masses think they are joking and making fun of conspiracy theorists, but in reality they are dead serious.
In this clip, I would suggest Jim's use of the “All Mocking Tongue” is.. he is mocking those who discuss the significance of the All Seeing Eye or the “Illuminati”. The All Seeing Eye is publicly displayed by many celebrities and often in magazines and music videos. They usually make a pyramid with their hands and peak through the top of it with their eyes but there are other variations on this symbol, sometimes they simply cover one eye or highlight one of their eye with a hand symbol or make up.

🔹 Second, Jim Carrey sarcastically refers to the Illuminati as the “Illumi-nutty”. By using this term, “Illumi-nutty”, Jim demonizes “conspiracy theorist” by suggesting to his audience that those who discuss the influence of the Illuminati and other secret societies should be considered “crazy” or “nuts”. If people actually did their research they would learn that it refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 . Today we use the phrase "Illuminati" to describe the Top Elites and the fact that they dominate the economic world and that throughout modern history they have been able to develop great influence on almost every aspect of our society through their various agendas, pushing to their New World Order.

🔹Next, Jim Carrey states that people on T.V. are “hired by the government… to make you docile..” I would suggest that he deliberately uses the word government in this statement in order to reinforce the “crazy conspiracy theorist” character he is playing. The idea that the government could control everyone and everything in Hollywood is not based in reality. Rather, it should be known that members of various elite secret societies (Illuminati) make up our government. The truth is..tv is one of the ways they control us. The last thing the elite of the world want is an informed and involved public.

Heres the video on you tube.

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