Plans to eliminate the middle class.

in #nwo3 months ago


Going to war with America, from DC, is an undertaking that is heavily destructive of status quo, including revenue to government.

They've got, at most, counting military and all police, a couple million. We have over a hundred fifty million armed citizens, probably more now, and a lot of them are very much ready.

To come down neighborhood streets with mounted machine guns on hummers and blast neighborhoods to chaff will only ruin the economy, which will incapacitate government in short order.

To take the guns from people who don't want to give them up, that's a HUGE project, years and millions of people.

This job will make us vulnerable to attack from outside, because all our defenses are used up trying to take guns from people.

Years, millions of people, economy STOPPED, starving Masses rebelling... this war is NOT going to be easy for them. So difficult, I find it hard to believe they will even TRY.

They want us economically busted so we worry more about finding food than organizing rebellion.

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