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I have never really had a stable diet i just eat what i want but i think my metabolism is slowing down so it is starting to catch up...

time to try out different things and lets see how it goes :)

you are doing great with you health thanks for sharing about your experiences and the proper diet to have


No diet is proper, u must find what works best for you

thanks for sharing your plan and how to do it i need to play with my diet plans too

Well done @inventor16. Your doing a good job.
I wish that I had healed sufficiently that my system could cope with me making any changes, hopefully soon.
I don't think anyone should ever give up pizza dude, pizza if life! :)

It sure will keep you healthy buddy ;)

Nice diet routine by the way !

Now you are definitely enjoying life it was superb to see damn

nice diet..amazing your post..

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

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