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Obama: Started 7 wars that killed millions. Nobel Peace Prize.
BLM: Burned and looted cities, destroyed communities. Nobel Peace Prize.
Donald Trump: Brokered historical Middle East peace. No prize for him because Orange man bad.

Women: Pussy grabbed by hordes of oversexed males. Does that get a prize from the House? No.

Men: Dumb as bricks, bullies, pigs, douchebags. Does that get a prize from the House? No.

It’s not clear how the Committee of Ten will select a winner.

Or whether they even have a secret ballot.

Feminism isn’t about building actual social equality for women, but about creating endless unnecessary drama and distraction for women in order to manipulate them into not being in charge of their own lives, not following their own values, and supporting men even when they’re holding women back in their own lives.

Jung would say that in order to change a woman’s sexual orientation, you have to first change her womanhood.

When feminists stop causing such a huge amount of unnecessary drama and concern for women’s minds and egos, perhaps men will start showing women some love, which will only lead to a much healthier, much more reasonable society.



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