Your Personal Home Computer is your #1 Asset: but i don't think the majority of Americans understand this

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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
― Rob Siltanen
Rob Siltanen

The only question now is where to start?

Let’s start at the creation of the personal computer and what the African American community was doing and going through during the conception and inception phase of the earliest versions of the modern computer; but before we dive into this topic the main reason for this piece is to bring a bit of brevity to why this topic is of extreme importance for the Melanite community and its Diaspora and to the whole of humanity who has not been privileged to have embraced the excellence that is black thought and intellect.

For starters your home PC (personal computer) by all measures is the greatest asset behind the human mind that we have at our disposal today. Consider this: an asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit. The very first desktop PC non mass produced was developed in 1964, the intent was to create an autonomous machine that was capable of processing larger bits of data with the ability to learn from itself period. Since 1964 the evolution of this technology has spurred much growth and success for so many industries that its about time that we get in on directing the future of this technology.

Personally growing up in the 90’s we were just seeing the beginning stages of PC and AI development and considering what I know now, children in black neighborhoods going to their respective neighborhood schools these children didn’t have a chance in being a part of what was to come from this technology that was going to revolutionize not just trade but also how people that spoke different languages and who happen to be on different continents would effectively communicate with one another. Back to the asset, your PC is the greatest and most valuable asset that you have today because:

Any and every asset that is trading on the stock market today can actually be bought from home through your PC i.e. real estate, precious metals, vehicles, other computers, stocks bonds, crowdfunds, mutual funds, insurance, all investment vehicles and my number 1 is that the PC itself is a homebased business get that part.
You can literally send and receive money through your computer today
You can learn online with your PC (information is the currency of the future)
You can find a soulmate or a fling through your PC
You can support charities through your PC

So, as you can see any and everything that we did offline before this current evolution of the PC. Everything that we considered to be Assets to Acquire we can now do and get all of that done with our Personal use computers. So why does it seem as if the black community is the biggest supporter of the notion that our computers and smart device are so destructive? We can chalk this reality up to what Religion has alluded to as the prophetic end time technology and the mark of the beast (topic for another article).

“Just by creating the computer the future for humanity has been forever changed and now we are at a very pivotal moment in human history” Nalig4food

Doing a small scale search I wanted to know if there has ever been a scenario where you have the emergence of a technology that can unite the planet/nature and the human race, while at the same exact time have the falling of the world’s first superpower ( America) coinciding with the Earth’s attempt to warn humanity of the coming foreseeable irreversible collision with an Earth that is ready to kick humans off of this rock, in order for the Earth to begin the process of repairing the trade imbalance with the human race. The data supports the reality that humans have sped up natures natural global warming occurrences. Humans have sped up the longitudinal aspects of climate change. The answer to my initial question is no, there has never been a time where a prominent world power was being unseated, plus the emergence of a transformational technology also coincided with the natural effects of climate change. We are literally experiencing a planetary evolution and revolution at the same time. So, home do the rise in computer tech and the rise of black excellence correlate?

1964 seen the first desktop computer ever unveiled. The programma 101. Invented by Pier Giorgio Perotto and manufactured by Olivett the worlds first Pc
1964 is the same year that Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights act of 1964, this act established the eeoc which deals with employment discrimination due to race, color, sex, religion or national origin
1966 we seen the establishment of the black panther party
1968 the first mass marketed desktop by Hewlett Packard
1968 we seen the assassination of MLK jr as well as the implementation of the fair housing act

Then on August 5th 1971 then president Nixon took the US off the gold standard, and in 1974 then President Ford further affirmed that move off of the gold standard; this hyper accelerated the moral decline of the American governments ability to be a disciplined and principled wielder behind the power to print dollars without any checks and balance. The emergence of the internet exponentially streamlined the greed and inflated attitude of America and now we are where we are today.

The African American community has been left behind in two important Arenas since 1968; the first of these is in the area of computer tech development and the Second (which should be first but for the sake of the timeline it is second) the development of Economic policy and understanding of the national and global effects of American economic policy.

What happens to further exacerbate this issue is that the inception of the internet happened in the early 70’s even though the general public didn’t receive its opportunity to touch the internet until the August 6th 1991 (my youngest sister was born that next month and the internet wasn’t even heard of yet in my home) you have to understand that black America was still way behind the Eightball in understanding what computer technology was and is and now we have the pairing of the internet with computer technology, there is no way that any righteous man or educated man who has understood what “Black” people have been to the establishment of the human race and development of civilization, there is no way you leave any “black” person with the mind to inner stand you don’t leave this group of people out of the Computer tech/AI for the further growth of human kind conversation period.

In 1955 the first AI program was introduced “The Logic Theorist” and in 65 the term Artificial Intelligence AKA Ai was coined by John McCarthy. During all of this theorizing and application; “African Americans” were fully focused on equal rights and civil rights from 1940 until the 1960’s, we were probably hugely unaware of all of the technological innovations that were taken place in the area of computer science. Computer Science though unbeknownst to the European mindset was already primed to be the greatest equalizer to mankind not just for Africans and those in the Diaspora but the great equalizer for the planet and its inhabitants.

There is no reason why anyone on the planet today who has ownership of an AI machine, during a time where a digital, virtual and physical transference of wealth and knowledge is taking place. There is no reason to not get a piece of the growth of AI development. The windfall from this evolution will be good enough for everyone on the planet to hypothetically not have to work ever again if they chose. Welcome to the age of Ultron I mean the age of Aquarius.

The next wave in Artificial intel is taking off before our eyes and it is being led by the blockchain, my main point as it pertains to computer tech, AI and this transition or fusing of industrial power with AI is to make clear that the state of Americas current economy is based on virtual or digital debt/credit (mostly accounting that’s being conducted on networks connected to other networks through the internet. The problem with this which I have brought up earlier is that the internet and computer tech has allowed for the unprincipled printing and spending by Americans to become gluttonous and inflationary. Americans have enjoyed the luxury of our currency (by default) being the major global reserve currency in exchange today, and this position is quickly coming to an end.

The dollar has been in circulation since 1914, in 1944 the Bretton woods agreement is what pushed the US dollar into its current status as the major reserve currency. This agreement came to an end in 1971 when Nixon de-pegged the dollar from gold, this immediately devalued the dollar on paper as well as devalued the currencies of all the nations who signed off on the Bretton woods agreement; thus leading to the current “trade wars” or “trade imbalances” and rumors of “Global economic depression/recession”

The growth of computer technology has helped the rest of the word finally comprehend how the illusion of value and economic dominance has created the delusions of nationhood grandeur for America thus creating an unfair trade imbalance which America has dominated in this area. With China’s technological dominance it’s no wonder China is leading the way to helping develop infrastructure today on the African continent. Computer technology is the key asset in developing eternal wealth.

In a nutshell after going off the gold standard the US has enjoyed having the ability to print money from simple request not due to an exchange of real value. Going off the gold standard and pairing this with having access to the first computer this has led to the glutton abuses of Economic power by the US government, Thus landing America in the global political hotseat which we are seeing un-fold during every second of Donald J. Trumps presidency , not to get off track because this piece isn’t about the breaking of Americas “Ethical” political system nor is it about the destruction of the indestructible 2nd coming of “the great Babylon” for you religious folks. This is more so to highlight how that which we have been told is meant for our destruction (mark of the beast, rise of AI etc.) is the actual missing cog in the machine that humanity has been waiting for; as long as the original man and woman are helping develop the future progress of computer tech and artificial intelligence humanity may be able to change the prophecies that we have seen on movies and read in our religious text.

Your home computer is literally right now the most valuable and underrated and less spoken about asset known in modern history. There is nothing more significant outside of the human brain then your CPU’s computing ability. Your computer gives you the ability to be self-employed and it can double as your own banking system; its super ironic to me that the inception of computer science coincides with African Americans fighting to get out of their oppressors perverted reality, but its more ironic that as computer tech has progressed and developed so has the liberation of black excellence; and now that we are at a technological precipice, we are seeing the fall of an old guard within the American power structure and the rise of the potential of a new future for America that will be head lined by people who once would be killed for having the ability to express knowledge through the use of the English language and now we can further liberate humanity through our cyborg connection through the use of computer language and technology. There is a rise of the machines and we need to be on the frontline benefiting from this transition starting today.

“make America great again
Keep America great
Let’s just remake America”


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