How to restake without paying heavy fees

in nulscommunity •  7 months ago

Read this before you restake to save on fees.

When you restake all the previous transactions are added in the new transaction (restaking is also a transaction), if you have too many reward transactions the fee to restake will be very high. If you want to pay 10x cheaper for those fees, follow these simple steps :

  • 1. Unstake your coins from the node
  • 2. Create a new address on NULS (backup the private key, password and keystore file)
  • 3. Send your coins to the new NULS address
  • 4. Resend your coins to your old address (unless you want to use the new one)
  • 5. Restake in nulsdeep node
  • 6. That's it, you just saved 10x in fees

If you liked this help, please stake in nulsdeep node and follow the official Twitter account of nulsdeep node


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That low key shill...amazing.

93 Participants though - that speaks to a very stable node.


I do my best to keep the node as stable as possible.

This is soo wonderful. but i have alway lost. i just need investment company which is legit which pays 1% of investment daily or more for life long like which pays in cryptocurrency like bitcoin,bitcoincash litecoin, etherum etc.