Community Leader: Debate the role & run for leader!

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There are many elements of the community governance document which need to be discussed in the coming weeks and months.

To kick-start the process, the first and most important step is to agree the role of a community leader, and secondly, to choose the first batch of leaders who will drive our community momentum going forward.

Please join this discussion.

  1. Provide your feedback on the role of the community leader. What do you agree or disagree with? What would you like to add?
  2. If you are interested in becoming a leader, introduce yourself to the community and tell us why you are interested.


“The first group of leaders will become historical founders of the NULS community. This is history in the making! If you want to be part of something truly great, and are keen to shape and influence, not only the vision of NULS, but blockchain in the wider world – then speak up! “

Reaper Ran, Director of Community Operations


Role Of The Community Leader

Agree, disagree, or add your ideas:

  1. Community leaders are defined by country. No more than one community leader can be elected from each country.
  2. We will select 8 community leaders at first, these will be recruited from the following countries: Singapore, United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan and India.
  3. Once a new country builds a local community of 500 people or more, that country can apply to the NULS Foundation for country status and the position of a local community leader.
  4. In order to be eligible to run for community leader election, the candidate must hold 20,000 NULS tokens and have already created a NULS node.
  5. Evaluation of community leader candidates will be based on their influence. The NULS Foundation will choose leaders in a transparent and open manner. Note: Social influence will be taken into consideration, such as number of active Twitter, FB, Discord, QQ Group, Line, Weibo and WeChat followers. If a leader is reported more than 3 times by the community for misbehavior such as buying social media fans, they will be disqualified, or if elected, removed from their position.
  6. Community leaders should take responsibility for the construction, business development and brand marketing activities of their own communities.
  7. Community leaders should build their own local teams for future development.
  8. Issue at least one monthly work report of activities in English to the community.
  9. A community leader will be dismissed if they receive 3 or more dismal complaints from nodes in the community. The next candidate in line will take their position.
  10. Community leaders are entrusted with the running of an agent node, requiring 200,000 NULS to be staked from the NULS Foundation. A community leader will receive up to 80% commission from it for discretionary spending and building of their community, and the remainder will return to the community fund.
  11. The community leader submits a budget to the NULS Foundation, which require 70% node member approval in order to pass.


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I think leader positions need to be explained in much more detail about things they expect from the leader and how they expect the funds to be used and also I think the leader needs to be appropriate for the position not just someone who is passionate about nuls, someone who can actually make a difference, someone who has already demonstrated they can act fast and get things done, not someone you like or that is just passionate about nuls this is a total waste of money, i think leaders should be voted upon by community to be a leader as they need followers to be a leader if no one votes for them they are not a leader, when we get the answer to these 2 questions we can discuss more.


You are absolutely right, I would like to add also that to get the right people they need to pay them well, and the actual pay seems to be small or inexistent. This point should also be clarified, if you want the community leader to work full time he needs a compensation. Also if the community leader looks "poor" he wont give a good impression to anyone. The community leader should be successful or at least appear as such.

I would like to add an important point, country leaders why not, but what we really need is an online leader, the internet is the best playground to find new investors and developers. It doesn't make much sense to be restricted to one country. Also the budget is extremely small with the actual NULS price, the whole thing is not even enough to pay the salary of the country leader. This idea is going nowhere in its actual state. I would even call it slavery, unless its like a hobby that you do 1h per day of course. But if you are relying on this to market NULS, we wont get anywhere.


What is the chances that community leader will be liable to our groups?

I don't think the compensation will be enough for a community leader. I think the number of nodes can easily double once developers start coming in - and the rewards from hosting a node wouldn't offset the work that is required.

It is definitely awesome opportunity

A community leader should have Interpersonal skills. A community leader should be able to interact with other members of the community with ease. This calls for good communication and collaboration skills. Being able to negotiate, mediate, listen to others, and articulate arguments and to work with members external to the community is essential.

This is soo wonderful. but i have alway lost. i just need investment company which is legit which pays 1% of investment daily or more for life long like which pays in cryptocurrency like bitcoin,bitcoincash litecoin, etherum etc.