The progress bulletins of Nuls ---Mar.16/31. 2018

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  1. NULS completed modules integration testing and debugging of development process faults.

  2. NULS completed full node wallet testing and optimisation; NULS wallet is now available in windows version.

  3. NULS completed Linux command interactive command development;

  4. NULS completed the first phase of our Blockchain browser development. The next phase is to test the browser with full nodes.

  5. Public testnet released will be pushed back for 1 month – During the final review, the technical team have discovered issues in the account and transfer function (that was to be released for public testing). To resolve these concerns, the technical team have decided to push back the public test release by 1 month so as to ensure a stable and functional public testnet. We do not foresee these delays to affect the eventual mainnet release however we will keep the community up to date through our communication channels.


  1. NULS hosted our first ever global meetup in Singapore! Full house attendance!

  2. NULS community representatives shared Blockchain solutions with Singaporean corporations and potential partners.

  3. NULS and DDN jointly organise an offline Blockchain workshop in Beijing;

  4. NULS is now listed on the BBAEX exchange platform; Investors are now able to trade
    the NULS/ETH trading pair on the platform and the C2C market.

  5. Reaper Ran, NULS founder and Global Community Manager, attended the "Hugging the Future" Global Blockchain Forum – Chengdu Station.

  6. Reaper Ran was invited to share more about our NULS project in "Garage Coffee" event.

  7. Reaper Ran, NULS founder and Global Community Manager, attended the "Hugging the Future" Global Blockchain Forum – Guangzhou Station.

  8. NULS publicly dispelled misinformation and concerns about the NULS community through an open letter written by Reaper Ran, our NULS founder and Global Community Manager.

  9. English slogan community project – we are now at the final stages of consolidating feedback from the community. The results will be announced shortly from our communication channels.

  10. Lily Wang, NULS Founder and COO attended the Order Consensus Summit - Chongqing station.

  11. Lily Wang, NULS Founder and COO presented our NULS project and vision to the Three O'clock Group in Wuhan.

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Good Luck guys, NULS is one of my long term investments :)