NULS 2018 partnerships + smart contract module finally out + smart contract bounty !

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Hello everyone !

First a short video with NULS 2018 partnerships.

NULS smart contracts are finally out on the testnet !

You can download the testnet wallet directly from Github :

The documentation is here :

Official Telegram :
Official News Telegram :
Official Twitter :
Official Reddit :
Official Medium :
Official Chinese Telegram :
Official Facebook :
Official Steemit :
Official Forum :

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Is there any online calculator that calculates how many nuls you can earn via staking?


Nice thats awesome news, ive been an investor in NULS for months now and I really believe in the modular blockchain system which I think will really change the way we deploy to the blockchain and upgrade blockchains going forward in a constructive and flexible manner.

Im pretty bullish on NULS and hope it really pulls through on its whitepaper, it will definately give established cryptos a run for their money


Well, right now it's sitting just below the lowest price it's had in about 3 months.


I was thinking of jumping back in and increasing my stake but I felt it would just be being greedy I’m happy with mu positions in all the coins I’ve invested in! If the prices continued this for a bit and I have some fait to spare I’ll be sure to jump in again

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I will have to go check this out later. Looks very interesting. So much stuff going on on the blockchains

@najoh It's looking a nice project. Is there any benefits for whales?


You can have a node and earn more ;)

Please help me out how to get money on this app please i m so confused anyone here to helpp me please

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hmm....interested :-)

Great 👍 article .. upvote for this

Welcome to steemit. Nice to meet you

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@najoh good news for nuls holder

Great news.

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good new

this is great combination, and great oppurtunity for all of us in bounty


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it's a good opportunity and very informating

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i loved it

if any body want mine Bitcoin please contact me

It is a very important & beautiful project there any benefits for whales?

@najoh We want to know how to make money with this application.

Awesome project and Thanks for sharing

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Do you think that partnership will help NEO to go up and improve more and more in their platform?

I want to know how to make money with this application

Congratulations on starting that up

Good work.can someone in Africa make money through this application?

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what is difference nuls contract then other ?

Great Thanks!

Good news man

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it's a good opportunity.

Very Good!!!

Esto es excelente