have you dismanteled your cristmas tree already?

in #nukes2 years ago (edited)

have you dismantled your Christmas tree already?


next possible posts:
nuke tests gone wrong
lost nukes missing

and (my favourite)
** how to desmantle a nuke from a UFO with a screwdriver in area 51 "gone wrong"**

nuke fail gone wrong radio exposition and consequence
no it seem not created in secret but dismantlement in secret
"further proof had exploded with the technicians in place!" sory...

aliens AI unpacking Xmas presents under the Christmas tree ....
federal reserve trillions in gold missing ... ...
bush like zombie on scopolamine
( sr. world trade center being attacked... "(comment?)" sr? mr president?)
(leave your comment sr?)

#nukes xmastree seen from space #mad #fail #spaceview


Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb

soldiers being exposed to high levels of radiation

Chernobyl "Fukushima" accidet's no its not safe just found this post also look for mine follow please ;)

whats our real life span these days???
our ancestors lived longer healthy life's!

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