Hi Yellowmode, we loved your photography. We thought it would a strong entry for this contest, however, the rules states:


Therefore, the entries shared in the contest must be completely new in Steem blockchain and this photograph is in your Steemit blog.

We invite you to share a new photograph. Regards!

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I'm a walking trouble :(
Yes, i put this photo few weeks ago on my steem acount

ill fix it today. And i will put some new photo.
Thank you for your understanding and another chance :)

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Oh Don't worry :( We're always there to support and guide, however, it's probable that the vote will be eliminate of this publication because it isn't comply with the rules. Thank you very much for always collaborate and to be attentive to our comments.


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Very unusual and interesting work. What's it on the face and how you have fixed it?

Hi @axeman
Glad you like it :)
I use a mannequin a ordinary one, and i lubricate everything with glue and then I covered it with a powder cork of various weights.

In fact, the mannequin is kinda orange and has gold shirts :)


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