MTG - Liliana Vess

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Hi!!! How are you on this day?

I have never had the privilege of playing (Magic The Gathering) and I have not had the opportunity to feel any of the cards in my hand, but thanks to @kommienezuspadt, who is very fanatic of the game, I was able to know about the fantastic MTG universe and I could see images on the Internet of some characters and they all seem incredible to me!!!

The drawing I did for today is about one of the MTG characters, it's Liliana Vess, I really like this character and I also did it to participate in the #TrialbyComics contest of @kommienezuspadt. <3 <3 <3

I hope some day to be able to feel in my hands at least a single card of the game MTG and to know in person this fabulous card game. XD

Here you can see the process of my drawing

Thank you all for the support, I wish you a happy afternoon and see you soon! ;)

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This character looks so beautiful and powerful @yanes94 I like this posture, beautiful hands

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It's a character that has a lot of character and that position seemed good to me, sexy but a little bit evil at the same time.
Thank you very much for coming and see my work done.
It makes me happy that you like it.

I hope you’re able to play one day too! Magic is such a fun game and you did a great job with your Liliana drawing. It looks just like her!


Oh! Yes! it would be incredible to play, it looks very interesting. It will be on my dream list to realize.
Thank you very much dear, I'm glad you like it, you're a great MTG player and if you say it's good, that makes me very happy. <3 <3

WOW, Yanes, estamos impresionadas. Realmente parece la página de un cómic, este es un diseño en donde se nota que has puesto mucho esfuerzo y debes estar dándote cuenta de lo excelente que te has vuelto. También se parece un poco a Scarlet Witch (La de Marvel). Tú podrías crear tus propias cartas tranquilamente, y nosotras compraríamos unas cuantas para coleccionar :D

Saludos ❤


Muchas gracias paijanas!
No porque me digan que me he vuelto mejor sino porque valoran cada esfuerzo y trabajo que pongo al realizar mis dibujo, todas esas horas han valido la pena porque le ha gustado y eso me hacen tan feliz.

Hehehehh lokis, voy a hacer unas cartas con la cara de madu.... pero ya saben que las coleccionaran., ok?

Posdata: no se aceptan devoluciones.

Hermosisimo trabajo querida yanes cada dia quedo mas enamorada de tu hermoso trabajo y me siento mas motivado a seguir esforzándome para mejorar en mis creaciones.


Gracias potatis, te eres muy buena, falta algunas cosas nada mas, pero eso será pronto que lo domines, me gusta lo que haces y créeme que con lo que me has dicho me dan ganas de cojer el lapiz ya mismo, me llena de alegría que te guste lo que hago porque eso me da mas aliento a seguir a pesar de todo..

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Good ole' @kommienezuspadt he is good at so many things, he is always inspiring we Steemians. I'm always impressed with how much he gets done! And when I feel like I can't do more in a day I'll read his post and think, "Well, come on I'm being lazy compared to him!" :)

I also know nothing of MTG . I played it once a long time ago with my niece, and I remember really loving it, but I couldn't tell you how to play it now if you asked.

It has some amazing and interesting artwork that is for sure. And good job here with what you made of that universe.


Oh! yeah! Dear @donnadavisart, he does so many things a day and every time I can read his publication, I wonder, how does @kommienezuspadt divide so many hours a day? He is here and there, here hehehe.

But what I know is that thanks to his contest I have improved my art and I have seen so many incredible things. In addition, he is a great artist and inspiration for many.

Heheheheh quiet I'm not going to ask you, the game really looks fun.
Someday I'll be able to play it and I'll let you know so we can play both.

Thank you for going through my publication, maybe one day I will do more of these incredible MTG characters

wonderful painting, she looks so cool <3


Thank you very much dear Adele!
I'm glad you like it!

I used to play magic the gathering a lot of years ago and you made excellent work with the figure and the feeling of the game:) My best wishes for the contest Carmen:)


Thank you very much dear George for your wishes, I do not lose hope of at least touching an MTG card.

I met this character when I made my tickets to the TBC contest of MTG almost 2 years ago, I saw many incredible characters when I researched about this and I always wanted to draw a picture of that girl because I love her personality, she goes with the style that I like to draw to me.


Yes i think this character goes perfect with your style, beautiful and sexy:)


Thank you very much honey, I appreciate your nice comments. ;)

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Thank you!!!

She cast a spell on me!! Oh no!! What is the spell.. lol. I like the use of purple and pink :-D


I'm glad you like it @bdmillergallery.
Well, I do not know much about the game, but I think it bewitches men and I saw them as dead, I do not know.
I've never played it although I'd love to do it