I began to write a new picture. Peonies🌸. Acrylic

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ntopaz-image-0Hello kittens! 😻
Glad to send my art to ntopaz ❤
I began to write a new picture with acrylic paints.😍 I draw peonies of unusual color. Everyone was used to seeing pink peonies, or white, but I decided to add shadows that not everyone can notice just looking at the flowers. If you take a closer look, also replace what kind of flowers every flowers, even if they are all white. They have different shades. Pure white in nature does not exist. White color always has a shade.
I started painting a couple of days ago, today I wanted to finish the work with paints, so that after 3 days I would open it with varnish. But I could not draw today. I went to nature, it was a mini pecnik, grilled sausages, fresh vegetables and beer. Of course, I do not like alcohol, but sometimes you can have a little for a good appetite) Later, maybe tomorrow I will send you a photo from nature, there was a field of wild flowers, red poppies. I love to look at the blooming field, let there be wild and simple plants, but even more interesting because nature itself has grown these flowers. ❤

I took some pictures of flowers, they smell so sweet.
My cat also loves peonies) Although she likes to stick her nose everywhere) hahaha




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