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Third day of 2019...... No, I probably wont be counting the days of 2019 after this XD

Anyway, it is Thursday and I'm really tired. I just wanna get to weekend, but there's still one more day to go through tomorrow and it is going to be a scorcher here. It will be 42C .... which is like 108F, I guess, and that is going to be terrible for me because I can't operate in warm weathers. My brain just refuses. It's like NO! Let me be! etc.


Today's already heating up to 34C... not too unbearable yet, but it's already making me feel sluggish and drained. So I ran away to Krita for today's piece. It is my first digital picture of the year! And this girl came out, she is a maid, probably, at one of those old and filthy rich lords and ladies' places.

Here is finished piccar~

She is probably not a very good maid since she doesnt think it's fair that she has to bow and scrape all the time just cuz she's born into parents who don't own very much. So she often has a sulking expression on her face and she doesn't really enjoy being told to do this or that at all.


And now I'm already thinking up a story for her XD;;;;;;;;;

Anyway, I might write it out later, I need a name first and all that, but for now Imma go and find me some noms~ So hungry! It is dinner time for spoder!!!

See you tomorrow, friends o/

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Poor girl, I bet it kinda sucks to live life being told what to do and has to obey rich people obediently. If you think of a story, make it so that she can escape the dreariness of her days.
And nice drawing spider, it's fun to watch you draw again :D.


Thanks, scrawls :)

Yeah, LIFE LOTTERY is a hell of a thing. The ones born into the 'right' families and the ones born into everything else. I'm going to see if I can sit and write the story down maybe next week or so !


A story from you!!! Whoah... okay I know how difficult writing a story is, so no pressure if it doesn't happen.

Good sketch skill as usual.

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Thanks so much, @catwomanteresa :)

Nice! And great to actually see how you work!


Hey! Nice to see you here :D And thank you!

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Poor girl, but she's got her beauty.. That charcoaly feel and smudging works very well with the theme


You should totally try Krita, Mikko ! It is free and you'll be able to try out the brushies :D


I will once i get to it :D i have painter too but might be fun to try it out

She is totally adorable !! :)


Thank you so much, sweet @akarantain~

Your right.. she does bear a look of disgust with her current situation, but hey! Her fairy god mother could show herself and make her some glass slippers!! Your good at digital sketches. I know I asked you before, but can not remember.. what program do you prefer?


Hahah, Cinderella always bears her days with kindness, doesn't she? This girl isn't has well mannered! LOL

I use KRITA ! It has such a gorgeous pencil brushes :D

You should try KRITA, Brad. It is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to download and use! :D

Beautiful video process, you don't make mistakes @veryspider?:)

As for the story, made the cute maid can take some lessons from @scrawly's secret assasin, kill the lords and then pose as the lost grandaughter who came back to inherit their riches:):):):)


aaaah, some pictures come out easily with little mistakes, but others give me such grief! this one is a friendly one and it came out without a lot of errors :D

AHAHAHAH scrawly's assassin is only pretending to be a maid! but that sure gave me some ideas, to be sure ! :D


Bwahahha, this comment cracks me up xD.
My assassin is a professional one and she has creeds that she abides, for example, she won't kill people who hired her. It's bad for business if words get around that she does that, then noone will hire her anymore :).


And if she is hired by someone who deserves punishment? A lord who mistreats his subjects lets say.


She is a cold blooded killer so she won't mind that xD. Plus it would be rarer to find a lord who doesn't mistreat their servants, if they're noble, most likely they wouldn't hire assassins. But she doesn't take every commission, if they offend her sensibilities too much, she wouldn't take the job.

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Enjoyable reading and good artwork (as always).
Ask Imma for an ice pack ¦;^)


Thanks so much, @lady-idra :D I think today will be ice-pack day, for sure !!! HAHAH~

that was fun!

Will go follow that channel now :D


Thanks very much :D Yay for follows \o/ !!!!

I enjoyed watching her come to life...


Thank you !!! :D

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Lovely maidu :D


Thanks, @arrr !!!!!! :D

D^: Reminds me much of present day maid/domestic work females have to do. Of course, this equally reminds me of maid/domestic work that was carried out in the late 18th to early 20th century and how brutal those conditions got. Especially in Eastern Europe with the recent influx of people entering into the cities since farming was being mechanized and crop yields where still turning out terrible. Many stories of midwives to actual maids, especially in Russia - very cruel it often gotten and very nerve-wrecking was the task on pre-Adult females. And to bring it back to the piece at hand, the emotions are very much appropriate (as-is rational) to her conditions at hand and having to live a life not worth living...



Yeah, people should be allowed human dignity~

Very nice art illustrations @veryspider love it! Just browsing around Steemit and saw your art. Upvote to support. Hope we can support each other's artworks!


Thanks very much :) You are kind !!

It is very beautiful the maid you drew, an old book of medieval tales seems to be extracted


Thanks so much, @inu-jim :D I appreciate your comments~

It's 33C here, I am heating up!!
Lovely maid!


Its 20C here today, quite pleasant !


Time for a walk in the park!!

Can't blame your beautifully drawn maiden for being a little sulky. No-one likes to be told what to do. It will be interesting to see her story evolve @veryspider.

Perhaps a very rich and famous nobleman will become completely intoxicated by her incredibly delicate features. Wanting to give her a new life, with the best that money can buy, he charms her. But is this what she truly wants? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Wow, you're already giving a lot of interesting ideas for such stories hahahaha! Yes, no one likes to be told what to do. Sometimes when you are poor, you don't have a lot of options though :(

I will try to write her story out soon :D

I'm still trying to think in Celsius, so when I see 34, my Fahrenheit mind says, (Oh that is cold, just above freezing) and then I do the calculations. Wow, that is HOT. I'm not good with heat.

Everything here in England is in Celsius, so I am getting a bit more used to it, of course it's all back to Fahrenheit as soon as I'm back in the US, so there you go.

A lovely drawing for a lovely beginning to a new year.


Oh yeah, Fahrenheit confuses the hell out of me because it's Celcius everywhere I've been !

Thank you so much, Donna <3

Great drawing:)


Thanks very much !!

Lovely drawing and cool you got everything in a video!!!
Congrats spidey 💙😁


i do videos quite often, melo :D they are on dtube mostly, but im also starting to build up my youtube now since ntopaz only takes youtube links :D

Thank you!