A commissioned pencil piece

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Being able to create an artwork within a short time is an advantage.

This piece right here is a 4 hours piece. Framing took 30 mins. So let's say 4-5hours. It was an urgent piece and my client didn't trust me to deliver on time. But i did😊😊

She was astonished that I could finish it on time and it still looked good. Ahhh that's when I boosted "I can't produce something that is bad"😊😊

Haha that's faith right there.

So a little about his attire: The cap and the cloth he is puttting on are Ibibio traditional attire.
Ibibio is one of the ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom State, a state in Nigeria.

Here are some of the progress shots I took while making this. I was still able to take progress shots despite the urgency haha😁






ntopaz-image-0The finished piece

ntopaz-image-6The finished and framed piec

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very nice job! ...


Thank uou very much

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Very lovely portrait, @unyimeetuk ! And all was finished in 4-5 hours, including the framing !! Very impressive :)